Adeno Carcinoma Stories

"On April 17, 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in my colon, uterus, and ovaries. My doctor first considered surgery but since the cancer had gone to stage 4 he wanted me to go trough chemotherapy. Instead, I began taking Poly-MVA on May 21, 2008. I took 3 IVs of Poly-MVA a week plus 12 tsp a day on opposite days. This was a total of 48 Poly-MVA IVs. After 6 months of treatment, a PET scan showed signs of the colon tumor growing. I began another round of 48 Poly-MVA IVs. After due consideration I decided on chemotherapy. I started chemo January 8, 2009. I continued my Poly-MVA during chemo. I had another set of 48 Poly-MVA IVs during these chemo sessions. I took my last chemotherapy on May 27, 2009. After a PET scan on June 16, 2009 my chemo doctor told me that I was cancer free. I continue to take 12tsp of Poly-MVA per day orally. I am feeling better now and gaining weight and getting my appetite back. I give all the praise to GOD and the guidance HE gave me."

- Wanda

"I was diagnosed on 8/1/03 with stage I rectal cancer. I began using Poly-MVA on 8/3/03 on the advise of a friend. Surgery was successful - no chemo or radiation needed. But I knew that I needed to correct some nutritional issues. Eventually I dropped down to 1 tsp of Poly-MVA a day. However, in February '05 my CEA blood work came back elevated; for 7 months I saw my CEA levels steadily rise. In late August '05, I went back to a full dose 8 tsp a day for 3 months. By November '05 my CEA was normal. I backed off my Poly-MVA usage again. And again by early '06 my CEA was up slightly. I went back to a full regime until May '06 when CEA levels were normal again. Since Sept '06 I've been taking 2 tsp, 2 times daily of Poly-MVA. My CEA levels have remained normal."

- Mark