Anaplastic Carcinoma Stories

"A few notes on my past: On September 1980 through November 1980, at the age of 33, I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of right nasopharyngeal wall. I received radiation treatments of 7000 rads to the nasopharynx, 5000 rads to the lower neck, and 6500 rads to the left upper neck. June 1981, I was told the cancer was in remission. On January 1982 through December 1982, I was diagnosed with recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of right nasopharyngeal wall. I received radiation treatment by surgically implant of radioactive pellets (gold seeds) into the tumor. I also received chemotherapy of CIS Platinum and Methotrexate. March 1983, the cancer was in remission. As a result from these treatments, I have permanent side effects with damages to the facial & jaw bones, teeth, bilateral partial loss of hearing, headaches, neck pains/cramps, partial hair loss, nose bleeds, and breathing difficulty.

Here is my current experience: On April 24, 2001, a lump (about half the size of a golf ball) was found under the right lower jaw. The right side of my face was somewhat paralyzed. Two days later, a fine needle aspiration biopsy was done in the right parotid nodule and the result was a pleomorphic malignant tumor, an anaplastic carcinoma with sarcomatoid features, or a high-grade sarcoma. My doctor, Dr. Donald, confirmed the tumor as a right sarcoma parotid salivary gland, probably induced by the high dose radiation treatments I received 20 years ago. Since the area where the tumor was located was severely damaged by the past radiation treatments, he recommended that the tumor be removed surgically. If I submit to the surgery, I will have severe right facial paralysis, i. e., I will not able to smile, my right eye will always be shut, and I will have difficulty chewing food. I asked my doctor about alternative treatment medicine (ATM), but he said that the tumor was a strong tumor and that ATM would not work. He insisted that I have the tumor surgically removed as soon as possible and if it was not removed, the cancer will likely spread and kill me in 15 -18 months.

On June 8, 2001, I received a letter from the doctor saying that it is imperative that I have surgery to excise the tumor out as soon as possible. If I didn't, there would be fatal consequences. On June 18, 2001, I started on Poly-MVA, loading dose per instruction as recommend. Thank you, Dr. Dorothy L. Meider, my sister, for locating the source where I can obtain this supplement. On July 31, 2001, I had a follow up exam with my doctor. He was shocked to see me looking so healthy. He told me he had expected to see the right side of my face totally paralyzed and that the tumor should have grown larger in size. He and his assistant examined the area where the tumor had been, but could not find it. He didn't believe me when I shared with him about Poly-MVA, a supplement that has no side effects for helping my body fight my tumor. He was quite amazed that the tumor had shrunk so quickly and seemed to have disappeared. He agreed with me that whatever happened was a MIRACLE. On October 2, 2001, I had another follow-up exam with Dr. Donald. He concluded that there was no sign of the tumor and my cancer had gone into remission. By this time I had started on my palladium lipoic complex prevention/maintenance dose.

My current state of health: I still feel okay at the time this letter was written. There have been no adverse side effects from taking Poly-MVA for support. I am surviving a very stressful period in my life - that is fighting this cancer again and going through a divorce. On an on-going basis, I am trying to endure the damages done to my body and health from the earlier radiation/chemotherapy treatments. I have Poly-MVA to thank for supporting my body so it could fight my cancer and preventing me from succumbing to possibly more cancer during this stressful period. Thank you.

- Davey Lee