Brain Cancer Stories

"I would like to share with you our success story with Poly-MVA. Our success story is regarding my brother-in-law, Savvas, who is 36-years-old and who had a brain tumor. On the 23/12/2003 (December) after an MRI we discovered that Savvas had a large malignant brain tumor which could not be removed by surgery. In January of 2004 an open biopsy was performed at Karolinska University Hospital which showed an Astrocytoma Low grade 2. The doctors decided that they would only perform radiation treatment and all would be well. Radiation treatment ended by the end of April of the same year. At the beginning of June a nightmare of seizures began, 5-6 daily. Savvas was taking the maximun dosage of medication for the seizures without result.

In July he had an MRI which showed that the tumor had grown in size in many regions and became higher Glioma. The neurosurgery of Karolinska proposed immediate chemotherapy (CCNU). After a lot of thought and research we decided not to proceed with chemo as it did not help in cases of brain tumors. Starting on 1 August 2004 Savvas started taking Poly-MVA (8tsp daily) for body support and a few days later he stopped steroids. His last seizure was on the 20th a August 2004. He returned to work at the end of September. He felt very well. At the beginning of October 2004 the headaches started and we realized that something was wrong. At the end of October an MRI was performed which showed that the
tumor had not grown in size but was colored with white spots in many areas. We were wondering why this should happen when all was going so well. Maybe because he had continued to smoke the effectiveness of Poly-MVA was reduced.

After consulting with Gary Matson, Savvas started 16 tsp of Poly-MVA as part of the Complete Approach and was also taking homeopathetic drugs for edema. Several days later the headaches began to improve where by the end of December had gone completely. Savvas continued to work during this period. On the 2nd of February 2005 the last MRI showed the tumor had stopped growing and had changed color to grey. It also showed no swelling. All this was unbelievable. After the procedure, the doctor who performed the MRI searched for my sister to give her the wonderful news, asking for information about Poly-MVA.

We are so happy with the results, so please do not ever doubt the potential effects of Poly-MVA. It is obvious that some people require more time and others a higher dosage for the results to show. As of 10 of June 2005, the MRI shows CLEAN. We couldn't cope with these difficulties alone, if we hadn't had Gary so close to us, no matter the distance. THANKS GARY for all the help. We thank God that we had learned about Poly-MVA in time. Love to all of you."

- Maria Kyriacou

"On January 29, 2002 our son, Daniel Morrison, was walking through the house holding onto his right arm like he had had a stroke. It was limp and he told me, 'Mommy, my arm doesn't work anymore.' I was beside myself. My fiancee', EZ, had noticed that Daniel's arm wasn't right a couple of weeks prior but I did not want to see it. I had been taking Daniel to his pediatrician during that previous year because he was falling down a lot, having bilateral knee pain, and limping on his right side sometimes. I got all kinds of answers except what it really was. On Jan. 30, 2002, we took Daniel in and the doctor said that he wanted us to see a neurologist. This was going to take 2-3 weeks. I told the doctor that I would not leave the office until we were sent somewhere for someone to tell us what was wrong with our baby. Daniel was not quite 3 years old at this time. We were sent for a stat MRI at Washoe Imagining in Reno, NV at 1:00 p.m. that day. They did the MRI and told us it was a brain tumor. I turned pale and nearly fell to the floor. I knew that a brain tumor could be a possibility but quickly pushed that out of my mind.

We were sent to Sacramento, CA for an appointment with a neurosurgeon the next day. We left that night and saw the doctor the next morning. We were told that Daniel had a low grade astrocytoma and that it was most likely benign. We were told to go home for a week and return on Feb. 7, 2002 for surgery. The surgery took almost 6 hours. When the doctor came to us after surgery, he thought that he had totally removed the tumor because it was all a purplish color and he had scraped very carefully. We were elated until the next morning when the post-op MRI showed that they had only removed approximately 20% and the remaining mass was located in his brain stem, left thalamus, and left pons. Further surgery was no longer an option. Daniel was in the hospital for 4 days. He was put on decadron even before the surgery and remained on it after the surgery.

We went for another MRI on Mar. 26, 2002 and then back to Sacramento on Mar. 28, 2002 to see the doctor. We were still under the impression that Daniel's tumor was benign. His films were to go to the tumor board that week and we were expecting their call to see what was next. I called on April 9, 2002 to find out results and what was taking so long. It was at this time that I was told that we were to see an oncologist for a "no big deal" consultation. We went back to Sacramento to see the oncologist on April 17, 2002 and it was a very big deal. This is where we finally found out that Daniel did in fact have cancer. We were devastated, to say the least ,and very angry about not being told about the cancer sooner. Our trust was very shaky at this point. We were told that Daniel needed weekly chemo for three years to delay radiation.

Not knowing any other alternative and not being given any other options by the doctors, I truly believed that the only way to keep Daniel alive was with chemotherapy. We scheduled surgery on April 25, 2003 to insert a portacath so he would not have to have an IV every week. They also planned to administer his first dose of chemo the same day. We were shown first-hand what we had in store for us because we were put into a room with a 7-year-old that had over 100 tumors and was on the strongest chemo possible for him and was way further advanced in his battle. This was absolutely traumatic for Daniel as well as for both of us. We were also given a 40% chance for 5 years as his prognosis. This was even more traumatic for all of us.

So this started the trips back and forth from Nevada to Sacramento every week. We almost moved there because there just was not enough money to continue going back and forth every week and our car was on its last leg. I started to read the testimonies about the others that were utilizing Poly-MVA to support their bodies and the results they were experiencing with it. I was already constantly reading, researching, asking questions, contacting others with cancer, and going to the resources that could answer some of my questions. When I read that chemo did not even cross the blood-brain barrier and that the decadron promoted tumor growth, I was really confused and lost. It did not make sense to me to do this therapy for such a long time, Daniel having to endure all of the side effects, and me knowing that I was allowing them to poison him. After 5 rounds I listened to my heart and told the doctors that I did not want to proceed any further with the chemo. The oncologist was flat against us stopping Daniel's treatment and did not want to be held liable. We just wanted Daniel to be a happy little boy running and playing like the rest of the kids. If he did not have a long time on this earth then we wanted him to live it free of the devastating effect that the chemo was causing. We knew it was all in God's hands anyway and we just needed to follow our hearts.

Those that we spoke with were convinced that Daniel would get better using the Poly-MVA for support. We were willing to try anything and were already juicing and blending fruits and vegetables that were known to fight cancer and tumors daily as food and medicine. We started the Poly-MVA on July 3, 2002 with 3 teaspoons per day and since then, Daniel's MRIs have shown improvement. At first, his tumor was actually shrinking for about 3 of his MRIs and the last two have shown the tumor as stable, no change. We have gone from 3 to 4 teaspoons per day. We also added CoQ10 to his daily organic diet and natural supplements because it gets oxygen to the brainstem. I was concerned about the tumor being "just stable" but then we were told not be concerned about the size because the color is what is most important. We were told that when the tumor appears "white" it is active and alive cancer but when it turns gray and stops growing it is necrosis (dead cancer cells). The tumor has continued to turn darker shades of gray which is just great!

We are ready to tell absolutely everyone about the Poly-MVA. We have shared this news with many people already and if we can only get to one person at a time then so be it but we are spreading the word and will not stop at anything to let the other parents know there is another way, a healthy, non-toxic way to help our children and our loved ones. The cancer resource center has the information here in Carson City, Nevada and is willing to share it with others. Everytime there is a cancer function, we spread the news to all that are willing to listen and take that great step of faith. The people working with Poly-MVA truly brought hope back into our lives. We will continue spreading the news about this God-sent product."

- Kelly Barnes

"Beginning in May of 2000, my son, Paul, began vomiting in the morning unexplainably. After these symptoms became worse, we finally took him to Hershey Medical center on 7/04/00. He was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a deadly, highly-aggressive brain tumor. He had an operation to remove his tumor the following week. We were given two weeks to decide what post-surgery treatment option to follow. They wanted to administer chemotherapy and radiation. I wanted to search out my options, having already been predisposed to natural/integrative remedies. After searching the Internet, I came across a relatively non-toxic treatment called antineoplastons that was administered in a clinic in Houston, Texas. Antineoplastons were designed to repair the tumor cell so that it would die naturally. In stark contrast, conventional treatments were designed to kill the tumor cells, which also kills good cells thus causing serious side effects.

I soon discovered that FDA mandated that Paul must fail conventional treatment before he could enroll in the clinical trial using antineoplastons. I had no other choice at this point. No other alternative therapies held out much hope to knock out this deadly monster growing in my son's brain (I discovered that two other children with medulloblastoma had gone to Mexico to try laetrile and other treatments only to see their tumors continue to grow). On August 1, 2000, I enrolled my son in a clinical trial using high dose chemotherapy, in an effort to avoid radiation therapy. Paul completed this in January 2001. And thankfully he was now in remission. But I knew that medulloblastoma was a highly recurrent tumor. So I continued to look for healthy nutritional products that would increase his chance of survival. It was then that I read about Poly-MVA. When I learned that it also potentially worked on the principle of fixing cancer cells so they would die naturally, I started Paul on Poly-MVA in March of 2001. He has been on it for the last 18 months. I also started Paul on high dosages of CoQ10 when I saw that there some clinical trials that were done testing this natural substance on cancer patients with encouraging results.

Paul's MRIs (he gets them every three months) have continued to remain clear to this date (9/17/02). He is doing very well mentally and physically. Only God knows what the final outcome for Paul will be. But I have the peace of knowing that I am doing everything I can to give him the best shot of surviving.

UPDATE 2-12-2004: On January 9th 2004, Paul had another MRI which, thank God, was still clear. This marked the third year since Paul has finished his conventional treatments. Paul has been on the Poly-MVA almost three years now. I have also used the Poly-MVA and CoQ10 as a daily support and preventitive. Paul has done extremely well. We continue to want to use things that increased his chances of survival from a very deadly tumor. UPDATE 1/14/2005: Since my last update of 2/04, Paul has had two MRIs, one in July of 2004 and one today, 1/14/05. Both of these MRIs have been clear and, of course, we are exceedingly thankful to God that he is doing so well and for everyday we have with Paul."

- Todd Weiner

"On April 8,1996, I had an operation to remove a tumor the size of a small egg from the area between my brain and skull. The analysis was Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4. The surgeon was unable to remove all the tentacles that were part of the tumor. A short time later I started BCNU chemotherapy. After 14 doses, still no good results, and I was very ill. I also received 43 radiation treatments with no positive results. The doctors gave me nine to eleven months to live. At this point my husband and I decided to research homeopathic/integrative approaches. My husband did 99 and 44/100% of the research. I am very thankful Poly-MVA was one of the two approaches decided upon. The other one was Cell Specific Cancer Therapy. (www csct. com) It has the ability to get through the blood brain barrier just like Poly-MVA, although it is a completely different kind of approach. These approaches were successful for me. The first of May 2000 I was, as much as science can determine, 'cancer free.' This was determined by a PET Scan and an MRI. Since being declared cancer free I have not had any more CSCT treatments, but continue to take Poly-MVA at the maintenance dose and intend to till the day I die (a long time I hope!).

Since May of 2000 I continue to get a PET scan and an MRI about every six months. The last was March of 2001. So far still clean! I also changed my diet. I am now mostly a vegetarian, a little baked or broiled fresh fish or skinned white meat of chicken for protein - no fried foods ever. I am exercising almost daily, decreasing stress, retired from my business. I take more time for friends, family, church and other activities. In other words, I 'cleaned up my health act.' Thanks Poly-MVA, CSCT and my family and most of all I thank God for the extra time I didn't think I would get after hearing the statistics on living through cancer. We hope this information and this accounting of what happened to me will help others.

UPDATE 1-07-02: As I said in my first letter I continue to get a PET and an MRI about every six months and take the Poly-MVA at the maintenance dose. I had my latest MRI and PET 10/1/2001. The results show no suspicious activity. In other words all is well. So gang, their is hope! Don't give up! UPDATE 4-01-02: We just got the results of the PET scan and the MRI that we had and all is still good. The MRI report reads 'No significant change since 10/01/01.' The PET scan report 'Stable PET scan. No new suspicious hypermetabolic foci are demonstrated.' This is what they have been saying since May of 2000. It can be done!!!"

- Janet L. Stone

"On December 27th my son's headaches were diagnosed as "migraines" by his pediatrician and his orthomologist. On December 28th he was re-tested due to the fact that he developed paralysis on his left side of his body. During his hospitalization a diagnosis of a cerebral tumor was made (a stem malignant glioma). Danny was admitted for 94 days into the hospital with serious respiratory problems, fevers up to 104 degrees, and heart pain with many vascular complications. He eventually received chemotherapy. We were told three times by the doctors that his life expectancy was zero. At this point he began taking the Poly-MVA. Since starting on the Poly-MVA Feb. 26, 2001, Danny's improvement has surprised both his neurologist and oncologist. Testing has revealed that not only have his tumors been reduced 70%, the edema caused from trauma to the brain has also been significantly reduced. Danny has regained use of his extremities. He no longer suffers from facial paralysis and therefore has regained his ability to speak. His prognosis has gone from terminal to excellent. Currently Danny recovers at home, always smiling and is preparing himself to celebrate his 8th birthday on May 14th. The merits of his recovery are for all that have participated in his treatment and to his better doctor, God. Danny is a living testimony to the grace of God and his son Jesus Christ. Truly a miracle. Dr. Peraza, thank you for your interest in my son and providing us with the Poly-MVA."

- Daniel Alvarez Dominguez

"Drew is the youngest of 6 children. He was born January 18, 2000. He has always been a very active, 'normal' boy. He loves God, his family, friends, Power Rangers, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Aladdin, and girls. Drew has never met a stranger. In March 2004, Drew complained of headaches. He would projectile vomit for no reason and without warning. There were no other symptoms or problems and it didn't happen every day. The pediatrician treated him first for a virus and then a couple of weeks later treated him for a sinus infection. When Drew did not get better, but worse in a matter of days, the doctor agreed to order a CT scan of the sinus cavity. The scan revealed nothing. Drew was very sick, vomiting a lot and very lethargic. After seeing the pediatrician again, the following tests were ordered, through the emergency room: a whole head CT scan with and without contrast, spinal tap, and blood work.

The first test they ran was a whole head CT scan. We were allowed to be present during the scan. We knew right away that something was wrong by the way the medical team was reacting. We were told that the CT scan revealed a mass. They told us there was no reason to do any other tests because he would be transferred to the local teaching hospital. Since it would take hours to get an ambulance, we drove him to the teaching hospital. He was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit that night. At the hospital, an MRI was set up for the next day. The MRI revealed a large mass in the left frontal and temporal lobes. Surgery was scheduled for Wednesday, April 28, 2004. By Sunday, the tumor was not responding to the steroids and Drew was getting very sick. The surgeon came in to check on him and moved surgery to Monday, April 26, 2004.

Surgery went well; it took 3 ½ hours and 98% of the tumor was removed. Drew recovered quickly and was released to go home on April 29, 2004. On April 30, the pathology report confirmed that the tumor was a Glioblastoma Multiforme, a very aggressive adult tumor. The surgeon told us to go home and enjoy our time together, which he put at 5-12 months. After researching the options, Drew was entered into Clinical Trial #ACBF0126 - Phase III. This includes 33 radiation treatments, 42 days of Temador (chemotherapy) with 10 more rounds of 5 days on and 23 days off at a higher dosage of Temador, administered orally, at home. On April 26, 2005, Drew completed the last round of chemo required for the clinical trial.

As our world seemed to be crashing down around us, we prayed to God for guidance, strength and a cure. We would not accept the possibility that our son could die. We prayed, our family and community prayed. We received so much support from so many people. My sister found the Poly-MVA website. We researched Poly-MVA and spoke with Gary Matson and another Poly user before deciding to start Drew on the supplement. On June 28, 2004 Drew started on 4 tsp. per day. Immediately, we saw Drew's energy levels increase. Drew has taken as much as 12 tsp. of Poly-MVA per day for several months. Currently, he is on 2 tsp. daily, along with several other supplements and an organic diet. As of October 2004, Drew has had clean MRIs. He is considered clean of active tumor. Over the past several years, Drew has been on Poly-MVA and many other nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies.

A Glioblastoma Multiforme tumor is completely unpredictable and very aggressive. Therefore, Drew is facing a lifelong fight. For now, the plan is to pray, continue on the Poly-MVA regimen along with the vitamins, supplements and an all natural/organic diet. Drew is currently in the 1st grade. He does have some learning disabilities and short term memory issues. There are very little motor skill issues other than some right side weakness. He plays baseball and soccer and is enjoying being a 7-year-old boy. We are thank God, our family, friends, community, support groups and Poly-MVA.

UPDATE December 2007: Drew's MRI looks good. Merry, Merry Christmas to us! Drew will have another MRI the end of January. For now he will continue on chemo until the next treatment plan is decided. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Our family is wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy and HEALTHY New Year!"

- The Goodman Family

"It was Thanksgiving night, 2003, after a wonderful time with family, that Jim had a Grand Mal Seizure. I was sound asleep when I heard the crash as he fell to the floor. We have led a very charmed life and I had never seen anyone in that condition before. I didn't know what was happening as I called 911, held onto Jim and begged God to spare his life. He came to as the rescue squad arrived and he was so confused. I remember being thankful it wasn't a heart attack; little did I know at that time but our life was going to be turned upside down. While sitting in the car waiting for the rescue squad to leave I made some phone calls to ask friends to start praying. I was blessed when I pulled up to the hospital and Jim's brother was waiting for me. My sister in law had gone in with the EMTs. She is in the medical profession and held our hands through out the whole thing. When I got to Jim he looked fine, a little tired but I thought wow, they are going to check him out and we'll be able to go home. He went home a week in a half later minus a piece of his brain.

The diagnosis was GBM...glioblastoma multiforme which is a grade 4 brain tumor. His surgery was on December 3rd, 2003. We were told to enjoy our Christmas together because it would probably be our last. Jim never believed them but I felt my whole world was falling apart. Twenty people came over right after his surgery to pray over him and anoint him with oil. That was the beginning of my prayer chain and my link to sanity. I asked people to pray as I searched on line for survivors and integrative treatments. He took one chemo pill as I read the warnings to him. We both were in shock as we read them. I called our family doctor and he called the oncologist who said they didn't really have any good statistics on the Temodar. I asked if he would give it to his wife and he said no. Well, that was that. I needed to find something fast. Jim was 2 weeks out of surgery and on his way to 6 weeks of radiation followed by the rotating gamma. I spent day and night researching what other survivors were doing and put together a protocol that I could only pray would work. I spent a month on the computer and realized my anxiety issues stemmed from all the reading I was doing. So many were dying. I couldn't take it anymore. I decided I needed to move on but what if I missed that magic pill?

I gave it one more shot praying that if I missed something it would show up - and low and behold Poly-MVA showed up. I can't remember how it happened but there it was. I had never seen it before but it was here now. I did some research on the Poly-MVAand I emailed people. They wrote back with wonderful testimonies and Jim decided he would give it a try. He continued to have seizures, his left side getting weaker and weaker. As summer progressed they got worse. Jim went to a neurologist for an adjustment on the seizures meds and the doctor was horrible. He basically said it was back and if it wasn't it would be. He sent us on our way with a handful of anti-depressants saying he would need them. We got into the car and cried. On the way home, we decided we didn't have to believe him. He spent all of 5 minutes with us and decided Jim's life was way! This was in August '04.

Jim was still having seizures and his neuro-surgeon said he thought they were caused by edema from radio-necrosis. We had planned a 3-week camping trip in September and had a wonderful time but I could see Jim was going down hill. September 21, '04 MRI came back slight thickening therefore a PET scan was ordered for 10/7. In the mean time he started dropping things and his speech was slurred. He was dragging his leg and his eyes looked blank. They kept increasing his Decadron and he would appear to get better only for a short time. On 10/11 he had a really bad seizure in the morning...the worst since his grand mal 10 months earlier. That afternoon he had a double whammy grand mal in our pickup. He almost didn't make it. Here we are again in ER waiting...always waiting! The surgeon said it was back. The PET had come back showing no cancer activity but the surgeon didn't agree. Oct. 18th, 2004 another surgery but it was
98% necrosis (DEAD TISSUE) and they couldn't identify the remaining 2 %.

It has been a rough road and after the 2nd surgery things didn't look good but here he is 3+ years later still tumor free! He never quit running his business, rides his bike (weather permitting) 20-30 miles 4-5 days a week. He skis, goes white water rafting - in general is living a very healthy life. We believe prayer, Poly-MVA along with diet changes and other nutritional support were key to Jim's survival. As of 2/13/07 Jim's MRI's continue to come back cancer free. The only problems he has ever had were caused by radiation damage.

UPDATE Feb 8, 2010: Most of you don't realize but we have come back to IL for Jim's MRI. He had his tests today and saw the doctor and again his tests all came back clear. We are feeling very blessed and very happy. He is now over 6 years tumor free. Six years ago we couldn't see any further then the end of the day and now we talk about our future. I know I have said it before but again, thank you for your support and prayers over the years. We are loving Colorado and spending time with our beautiful little grand daughter. It has been great to come "home" and see friends and family but are looking forward to getting back to our new home. We should be back some time next summer for Jim's next MRI. Again, thank you for caring and love to all.

- Jim and Cindy Story

"Saint Patrick's Day, 1997. I received the news of my recurrent brain tumor with dread and shock. It had come back after six years, almost to the day, and this time it wasn't a low grade Oligodendro Astrocytoma but a GBM. I imagined what I had before was just a mere Tyrannasaurus, now I had a head full of Velociraptors. The doctors considered my case a medical anomaly, but that was certainly no comfort. I was very despondent. I felt hopeless; the GBM support group I attended (for the first and last time in the basement of Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital) only magnified my sense of doom. Although the left-frontal lobe tumor was operable and was resected on April 7th using the latest surgical techniques, the prognosis remained grim. Radiation followed by PCV chemotherapy was the prescribed post-operative therapy. When I asked the surgeon, 'How long have I got to live?' he could only answer, 'That depends on how you respond to the therapy. We don't know. Right now, all we can do is throw everything at this and hope for the best.'

I was desperate to know that somebody had survived this nightmare. My father, a doctor involved in integrative medicine, sent me my first bottle of Poly-MVA only a week after my surgery. I started taking it immediately along with the conventionally prescribed treatments recommended by my surgeon. My first post-op, post-radiation scan was on July 25th and was clean! I relocated from Boston to Phoenix to continue with part two: chemotherapy, and to be with my family for The End that I was sure was coming soon. In spite of my clean scan and the fact that the doctors in Phoenix downgraded my diagnosis to an Oligo 4/4 (less of an anomaly but not much less of a threat), I was still given over to the idea that it was just a matter of time before it came back to finish me off. The irony is that I was so certain of my imminent death, that I decided to stop paying taxes. You know that old saying about death and taxes being the only sure things in life? Now I am paying for my doubt in Poly-MVA, but I can't say I mind it at all! I have had clean MRI scans to this day and I consider Poly-MVA - plus my belief in God's great wisdom - to be the cornerstones of my recovery. I used to associate St. Patrick's day with gloom, now I celebrate it as the beginning of my lucky streak! A new chance at life.

UPDATE September 7, 2000: I got the results back from last night's MRI. I am still clear and clean. My neurooncologist said I may now space the scan intervals from three to four months! And to think I started out with a scan every two months... Thank you God!! The immobilizing fear that once gripped me is beginning to lose its hold on my life. Someday, I hope to be free of it entirely. That goal is made possible for me by just two things: my Higher Power and Poly-MVA. I know this to be true.

UPDATE January 9, 2001: I want to inform everyone who is near and dear to me that I have had my 16th clean scan. Yesterday confirmed what I could only hope was true, there are no changes from the last one that was done last September. In these cases there is literally no room for 'improvement,' all you want is that things remain as they are, which for me means no signs of any growth. The physician I spoke with was optimistic. I just need to keep doing what I'm doing. To keep on keeping on.

UPDATE May 9, 2001: This is a message to all who seek hope. I am very happy to report that I have had my 17th clean scan since my operation, in 1997, to remove a grade IV Oligodendroastrocytoma of the left frontal lobe. My doctors are very encouraged by my status and I believe that means that they think my prognosis is improved. I just can't get them to actually say that. What matters most is that I think so. I feel very confident that I will reach the ten year mark, a watershed set for me by many gloom-and-doom allopathic statisticians who informed me that only five to seven percent make it that far. I plan on going at least another 65 years. I want to see my great-grandchildren!

UPDATE October 3, 2001: Yesterday I received news that my latest scan, my eighteenth since my operation, was, once again, clean. I am grateful but not surprised, so I feel more joyful than elated and relieved. Somehow, this time I knew with nearly absolute certainty what the results would be before I saw them for myself. Over the past few months, with no real concerted effort on my part, I have undergone a subtle but significant transformation that has given me real peace of mind and spirit. I can't say for sure what the catalyst for it was, I only know that I am changed. whether it lasts or not only time will tell, but I feel that I am on a clearly marked path that is leading me to something good. I would like to acknowledge all of you who have supported me in my struggle with cancer either by praying for me or by wishing me well and thinking of me fondly. It's all good, and I thank each one of you for your contribution to my wellness.

UPDATE February 26, 2002 My latest scan was clean (again)! It gives me enormous satisfaction to report that my last MRI, performed under the full moon (it's a ritual that comforts me) in Phoenix, Arizona's Barrow's Neurological Institute, was unchanged. No sign of any abnormal growth, just a hole in the familiar gray salmon steak that is my brain when it is viewed on the lateral axis. That makes nineteen now since my operation in April of 1997. It will soon be five years since my diagnosis and I am as cancer-free as I can possibly be. I look forward to the mid-way point and to sharing my progress with everyone concerned with it. Each day is a gift that I am grateful for, each moment is a fugwalha.

UPDATE May 15, 2004: My last scan was unchanged. So similar was it to the one before and, for that matter, to the one before that and, well, all the scans since about 1998 that my doctor felt I am at the point where I can space them out to one per year. Now, unless you happen to know this man, it is difficult to describe the optimism in my prognosis that his decision conveys. He is, after all, the Chief of Neurooncology and as such doesn't often see cases like mine which go from requiring a scan every two months to one per year within the span of five years. It was six years, almost to the day, between my first brain tumor in April of 1991 and its recurrence as something considerably more dire in April of 1997. Though, statistically, the odds are still against me I already know that I will be tumor-free this April, six years from the date of my last operation, when my wife and my two children and I will be walking on the pebbly beaches of the Côte d'Azure celebrating those three precious, God-given gifts: Life, Health and Family.

UPDATE March 18, 2007: I am fast approaching my tenth year without cancer. When I consider that I barely made it past year six when I had the recurrence from which I have been recovering these past ten, I realize what a milestone awaits this extraordinary span of wellbeing and good fortune. And yet, I know that the fight is not over. Despite the prognostications we've all heard almost every week that cancer has finally been cured or that the vaccine has been discovered, it might never be over for as long as I draw breath. Knowing this has not diminished the significance of the day for me or my accomplishment. To survive ten years without a recurrence was my goal. On April 7 of this glorious year I will touch down. My most vulnerable desire will become fulfilled. It will be a Saturday that marks my anniversary, a day preordained for celebration with family. How perfect. How roseate. How ordinary, just like any other Saturday. As monumental an event as it is to me I have to accept that it will pass without festivity or even a comment from those closest to me. It might have been different if only… (I don't know how to complete this thought.) I have been blessed and I consider myself extremely lucky to be alive but not everything in my life is as I would like it to be. My wife, my sole partner for over half my life, wants to go her own way now. Our two children, mere infants ten years ago, have grown into two distinct adolescents with their own talents and tendencies. They have demonstrated their concern about our decision to separate but have not displayed anything like opposition to the idea.

Looking back, it is clear that the fissure lines of our relationship were the direct result of my illness. It would be impossible for me to measure the magnitude of shock Belinda felt at seeing me, her partner, a once perfectly healthy 26 year-old man, suddenly writhing in the throes of a grand mal seizure and then, just a few hours later, learning that this horrifying display was caused by a malignant brain tumor. That was in 1991 and it was only the first one, a comfortably low-grade oligo. We were both much more resilient back then. Our ability to withstand and recover from this difficulty would be tested over the next six years until the day we both were informed that it had come back. By that time we were married and I was working full time. Josephine, the first of our two children, prompted our hasty union in 1995 and our second, Nicolas, was not yet two months old on that black Monday in March. It was St. Patrick's Day and the green shirt I wore to work on that day would be one I would never want to see again. There was no luck for me on that day, only the nauseating, slow realization that some things can't be outrun, no matter how far you've managed to distance yourself from the past.

'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' is a trite expression but it applies to my marriage and to my life. Cancer killed my marriage but it has made me stronger. It has been my acquiescent companion, in many ways the center of my life. It has given me a purpose, to survive and to tell anyone who will listen that it is weak. It can be defeated, routed or at least pinned down indefinitely until something else comes along to escort it out of your body. I believe this statement applies to Poly-MVA. [By now, you should already know that "Poly" is a thoroughly non-invasive, completely non-toxic approach specifically formulated to help your body fight cancer and that only we survivors are allowed to say that without fear of federal prosecution.] I have been using it every day since I returned from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston on a blustery April afternoon in 1997, to my small apartment in Watertown where my two children, Desmond, our cat, my wife and a box containing six bottles of Poly-MVA were waiting for me. I have been scanned regularly and the news is always the same. 'Whatever it is that you're doing,' say the doctors, 'you should continue it.' Most of them really don't want to know what it is that I am doing. I've given up trying to tell them. My message is for you, not for the doubting physicians with their cynicism and blind faith in pharmacology.

My message is for all of you desperate and terrified cancer patients, my extended family. I was once just like you. Hear me! Do all you can to support your immune system. That is the first step. Apply the Hippocratic Oath to yourself: First, do no harm. Your body knows how to eradicate this disease, it just needs your help. You may need to radically alter your lifestyle to achieve this. If so, the benefit will be two-fold. Use Poly-MVA. Your body will take notice and try to return the favor. Treat yourself with compassion and kindness, patience and acceptance. Be tender with your heart. Care. Release your anger. Let go.

Ultimately, this is a journey you must take alone so be your own best friend along the way. Recovery is a long journey so bring plenty of water. If ever you need encouraging, consider these words from Edward Abbey: 'May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome and dangerous leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.'

UPDATE April 7, 2010: Many of you have contacted me over the past few years to inquire how I’m doing. This has made me a little self-conscious about how long it’s been since I posted my wellness here. The long and short of it is that I am alive and well and living my dreams in Sausalito, California. This day marks 13 years since my operation! That’s about 4,700 teaspoons of Poly-MVA by my calculations. I had a routine scan some months ago - notice I’m not obsessing about the exact dates anymore? - and the results were the same. No changes. All’s Quiet on the Frontal West. That 'trail' Mr. Abbey wrote about is still winding, lonesome (no one can go with you on this journey) and somewhat dangerous, but I really have seen some amazing views along the way.

In August of 2008 I left Germany after seven years of misdirection and moved to Sausalito to begin a new chapter of my life, the happiest and most fulfilling one yet. My chief concern about my kids needing a father was the motivating force behind my having stuck it out all those years, but they were proving to be less and less dependent upon me. Meanwhile, my soon-to-be ex-wife was creating her own reasons to separate and we divorced amicably in 2006. Freed now to go after the one that (almost) got away, I am living a more purposeful existence doing things that I had put off for so many years. I have a loving companion in Marianna to hike and bike with through the beautiful Marin headlands. I’m painting those hills, too.

I’m still in regular contact with my kids who, in my absence, have turned into beautiful teenagers in Germany. Thanks to the wonders of Skype we are able to see and speak with each other across all those miles free of charge. Toward the end of 2008 I had two petit-mal seizures within five weeks, the second one on Christmas Eve. My neurologist assured me that these are not unusual or to be worried about. 2010 bodes well."

- Mark Olsztyn

"Our daughter, Josslyn, was 9 1/2 when she pointed out to us that her left leg had a slight shake or tremor to it. We thought it was a pinched nerve or something. A month later (Dec.11, 2001), the tremor was now in her left arm as well. A CT scan was ordered and it showed that she had a brain stem tumor. She was given only a 20-30 percent chance of lasting an extra 1-3 years if she did chemo/radiation. This was not a cure but a poor chance at an extension of life. She was given 4-6 months to live if we did 'nothing.' Through much prayer, the Lord directed us to take her to a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. They immediately put her on Poly-MVA (1 1/2 tsp.) plus some other supplements. Two weeks into the program, her double vision was gone and her coordination had greatly improved. We were at the clinic for four weeks in January. In February, she seemed to be regressing so we put her on 5 tsp. of Poly-MVA a day. We also started her on CoQ10. We found out a couple months later that this is necessary to help get the Poly-MVA to the brain stem area. God had already impressed upon us in February to start her on this after watching Dr. Sinatra's video on Poly-MVA and CoQ10.

On July 11th, Josslyn celebrated her 10th birthday! We praise God for working a miracle in Josslyn's life. No matter how many days on earth the Lord has for our Josslyn, she has already outlived the doctor's predictions. Josslyn feels great. Josslyn looks great. She is probably the healthiest she has ever been apart from the brain tumor. To illustrate this she hasn't gotten any of the colds or viruses that other family members have circulated to each other these past months. We go once-a-month to the hospital to have her blood work done and a liver function test done. We had the first one done (since Mexico) in March. Every thing showed normal, even her hemoglobin, white and red blood cell count. Her third MRI in May showed that the tumor was slightly smaller which meant that it was shrinking and this was all without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. The oncologist's assistant called to ask what Josslyn was taking. They wanted to discuss her case that afternoon at their doctors meeting. When we go to the hospital to have her blood work done, she looks so healthy and the other children there on chemo look like they are so sad and feel so bad. People tell Josslyn she looks radiant, and she does.

We give God the glory for her progress but truly feel that God led us to use Poly-MVA for her. She has an excellent out look on life. She feels great. In February we got a wheelchair for her because of the difficulty in walking long distances. Since the middle of May she has needed it less and less. The only thing that is noticeably wrong with her is that her left side is still weak. We have her in therapy, working to get those muscles working again after months of little use. Her face muscles are no longer sagging like they were in Dec. and Jan. They have steadily improved to their normal state. We have noticed NO bad side effects from using the Poly-MVA. I hope her story will help others. She leaves for Church Camp next week which we would never have thought possible seven months ago. God bless you!

UPDATES May 2/7/16, 2003: Josslyn had a CT scan in Oct. 02. It showed that her tumor was relatively unchanged and that she did not have hydrocephalus. The doctors went ahead and put her on Decadron and overdosed her. They put her on 48 mg. The most she should have had is 24 mg. The next day we felt uneasy about her being on the steroids. We called the doctor's office to have her tapered off of the medicine and found out she was over-medicated. It took 2-3 weeks to get totally off the steroids. At the end of the 3rd week, we had her MRI. It showed that the tumor had grown quite a bit. The only difference was the steroids which we believe caused the tumor to grow. Josslyn was bedridden from November to January 2003. In January 2003 we took Josslyn to New York City to get her tumor removed. She was originally diagnosed with an "inoperable" brain stem glioma. The New York Surgeon, Dr. Kelly, said it was an "operable" pilocytic astrocytoma. On January 23, 2003 Josslyn had her golf ball-size benign tumor removed through a computer assisted surgery that was very non-invasive. She looked better even right after the surgery. We praise the Lord for directing us every step of Josslyn's journey. She was given a ZERO percent chance of gaining use of her left hand, arm and leg that was left weak from her tumor. She has now recovered use of her left side by 90 percent!! The neuro-surgeon has never seen this happen before. I wonder if the poly had any effect on this miracle happening? I believe that the Poly-MVA helped to give us time and prolong her life long enough for us to find a cure for her. It might have healed her totally but we came to a point where we were running out of time. Josslyn is still taking 6 teaspoons of Poly-MVA for daily maintenance. We feel that it is a help to her health and overall recovery. On April 17th Josslyn's MRI showed that all the tumor was gone. Extensive blood tests were run and all of her markers were perfectly normal. We thank Gary Matson for all his support during this time. The people with Poly-MVA truly care and that is why they are in this business. That cannot be said for many companies out there. God bless you all.

Postscript from Gary Matson: I called Jenni on May 2, 2003 to see how Josslyn was doing. As soon as Jenni recognized my voice she turned the phone over to me to talk to Josslyn. This is sort of a routine for the past nearly year and a half so Josslyn and I have gotten to be pretty good friends. She said, 'Gary, guess what,' and I said, 'Tell me Josslyn.' She said, 'I am learning to play basketball and I can dribble with both hands.' I asked her about school and she said, 'I just finished home school for this year and I get to go back to regular school in the fall.' Then after a few more words she said, 'Goodbye, Gary' and was off to practice her basketball. I was left with tears in my eyes as I remembered that she was given just a few months to live in December of 2001. Perhaps this helps everyone understand why we love our work with Poly-MVA.

5/16/03 E-mail from Josslyn's mother: Sorry it has taken so long to send this. I thought I would type it out since it is a little hard to read and the fax still isn't hooked up. I'll try to send the original by fax when I get it up and running. Noshin is a little girl in Michigan who has a tumor on the brain stem. The authorities were trying to get a court order to make her parents (immigrants from Bangladesh) have the surgery that didn't offer much hope. They had taken Noshin (2 years old) to Canada for alternative treatment instead. We read about this on Monday 5-12-03. I had Josslyn read the newspaper article and this is the letter I found that she had written all on her own to Noshin...

Dear Noshin, My name is Josslyn McClung. I'm ten years old. And I had the exact same symptoms you have and I had the same thing you have. I was on Poly-MVA (which stands for Minerals, vitamins, and AminoAcids). It worked until my brain tumor started growing, then a friend of mine told me about a doctor that had done surgery on a little boy who had the same thing only I had found out the doctor in New York looked at my MRIs and said I had a different kind. He operated on it and took it out. My eyes don't roll around, my left side is strong again and I am so happy. I thought everyone should have that kind of happiness so I got the idea to raise money to send you and your Mom and Dad to New York to have a visit with Dr. Patrick Kelly to see if he can operate. By the way mine was smack dab in the middle of my head, and I still have all my hair (they just shaved a little hair on my hair line). If you want to you can call me some time. You are on my prayer list. God loves you so much. Love a friend, Josslyn McClung

UPDATE January 24, 2004: Hi! Just a quick note to let you know that we are fine. We just passed the one-year anniversary of Josslyn's successful operation on Jan. 23, 2004. I am all too aware of what a miracle God did for our Jossy. There are so many people that we met in the clinic in Mexico that have died. There are a lot of children with brain tumors that we have heard about over the internet with brain tumors that have also died. We give God all the glory and praise for healing Jossy!!! We also try to thank Dr. Kelly via e-mail around the 23rd to tell him thank you once again! Josslyn has grown 4 inches in 12 months. She wears a size 7 to 7.5 in ladies shoes. She wore size 4 this time last year. She didn't grow while the tumor was there but almost immediately after surgery she started growing. She loves going
to school this year. Her left side that the doctor said would stay paralyzed is 95% back to normal. Her left hand is not quite as strong as the right and she has a small limp in her walk. Well.....that's about all for now. Thank you for all the many prayers you have prayed for our family and for Joss. We can never thank you enough or praise God enough for all He's done for us."

- Jenni and Dale McClung

"In April 2005, I began having pain in my back of my left arm making it hard for me to do things. I had x-rays of my spine. The report was normal, but everything wasn't ok because they didn't x-ray where the problem was. After my normal report, I went to a chiropractor for 11 treatments which didn't help. In May my doctor ordered a bone scan (MRI) which revealed a compression fracture of the T4 vertebrae. They said it was blown and they had never seen anything like it before. On June 10th I was scheduled for an injection of spine cement to stabilize the vertebrae but it was cancelled when they found a nodule in my left lung. They then admitted me into Integris Baptist Hospital. After all kinds of tests I was told I had stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. What a surprise. Never smoked a day in my life. I was sent home on June 18th after 8 days in the hospital. On my way home I had my sister take me by to purchase Poly MVA. I had heard Dr. Mary Schrick for several years praise the effectiveness of Poly-MVA, and I thought if ever had cancer, that's what I would take to help support my body. I am now on my 62nd 8oz. bottle. My oncologist recommended I take 10 radiation treatments on my vertebrae, which I did start taking a chemo pill called Jarceva, which wouldn't have a curative effect. It was to relieve symptoms only.

While in the hospital we arranged with a home health care agency to assist my husband who needed care. A man named Isaac came. On his 2nd visit he told my husband that he thought I looked worried, asked if he could pray for me. Of course I said yes. He prayed with such anointing I knew he was God-sent for both of us. He asked if he could bring his sister, Ann, to pray for me the following Sunday afternoon. She said to 'not believe everything the doctors told me.' She began with pointing a finger in the air towards the carpet like she was outlining a grave a said I 'wasn't going there because I was being healed.' She then prayed for my husband and told him 'he wouldn't have any more fear,' because he 'wasn't going to lose his wife.' I was on prayer claims from Okla. City to California to the Garden of Gethsemane in the Holy Land, where I was prayed for under an old olive tree.

On August 29th 2005. I had a CT scan. The report said I was stable, nothing worse. The doctor looked surprised that I wasn't more excited, but I was expecting improvement then. I had to wait a little longer, 2 months longer. On Nov. 9th I had a PET scan. The doctor called me personally the next day and said the 'cancer was gone - all clear.' Praise the Lord! As I was telling my husband the good news, our doorbell rang. It was our pastor and we all rejoiced together. That was a God thing for him to appear at that very moment. After this exciting news our daughter told me two doctors had told her I 'had less than 8 months on a year to live.' I hadn't heard that and it was good I hadn't. I guess the Lord shielded me from the full realization of what lay before me because I didn't give it a second thought that I might die. I couldn't remember a time in my life that I didn't believe in healing. God could heal me as easily as he could bestow upon my salvation for my soul and that's what he did. God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. On July 11th 2006, I had a CT scan and a whole body scan. The report was too exciting for words - 'NO CHANGE.' I am blessed of the Lord. Exodus 23:25: 'Serve the Lord and healing will be yours.' Isaiah 53:5: 'By his straps we are healed.'"

- Bonnie D. Brooks

"I am working everyday like I did before cancer (GBM IV in Jan 2007). I work in a food food store during the day, and farm and ranch after that. My doctors are calling it a miracle to just be alive. Poly-MVA deserves a lot credit. If it was not for Poly-MVA, I don’t think I would be doing this well. In fact I just got married!"

- Larry Puckett