Breast Cancer Stories

"After the cancer diagnosis and my hormones were taken away, I experienced depression, anxiety, fear and exhaustion. In addition to the lack of hormones, the entire situation destroyed my quality of life. I found out about Poly-MVA through a “divine encounter” and began an intensive search on how to truly recover. Little by little, information including nutritional experts were discovered who restored my ability to use creams and other hormones, while using the Poly-MVA, DIM, and other nutrients. My life is better now than before the cancer experience and I have returned to one of my greatest loves, long distance swimming. I have already referred many people to Poly-MVA, as people now call me regarding cancer treatments and integrative approaches. I tell them my story..."

- Sheree Birkbeck

"In November of 2009, I had prior health conditions that kept me bedridden at least until 5:00pm in the afternoons. At that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Feeling that I would possibly die from chemotherapy and surgery, I went to the Century Wellness Clinic in Reno. That is where I was treated and learned about Poly-MVA from Dr. James Forsythe. I was placed on supplements along with Poly-MVA. After the treatments I stayed on using Poly-MVA when I went into remission. Within 4 months and taking Poly-MVA daily I have been able to get up earlier in the day and remain in remission. I truly believe that without the Poly-MVA I would not be alive today or be able to get up earlier in the day. Having severe reactions to chemicals, I couldn't have standard cancer treatments. Were it not for Poly-MVA, there would have been no hope for me. I have hope now and even if people have had standard treatment for cancer, I feel that the Poly-MVA does wonderful things in helping the immune system fight. I would definitely recommend Poly-MVA to others. The people who work with the Poly-MVA have been so helpful and knowledgeable on questions I've had. They are truly caring towards me and all individuals. As I said, I feel that Poly-MVA is a life saver."

- Lupe Herrera

"In May of 2009 at age 72, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt as if I had been thrown down a well! I couldn’t think or make decisions, and felt as if I’d been put on a conveyor belt by the medical community and they weren’t giving me any choice other than Standard of Care. In June, I had a lumpectomy on my right breast. My husband, bless him, got on the Internet and started looking up various treatments for me. I remembered reading in Dr. Steven Sinatra’s newsletter about the support that can often be provided by Poly-MVA. My husband pulled up the information and I read through all of it several times and decided that was what I needed because Dr. Garnett seemed to have gotten it right. I started taking two teaspoons, three times a day in August before I started my radiation treatments. I had 6 ½ weeks of low dose radiation - five days a week. God blessed me with an oncologist, a radiation oncologist, and a primary care physician who did not object to a patient taking an active part in their treatment.

During the third week into my radiation treatment, I started feeling ill every other day and could not eat. After the third week ended, I bounced back and had no more problems. I asked my radiation oncologist if he thought it could be the Poly-MVA that helped me bounce back. He said that he fully expected me to get steadily worse until the treatments were over and then slowly start getting better. He said that while he knew of Poly-MVA, he wasn’t really familiar with it but he was certainly surprised by my bouncing back like I did. I was put on Arimidex by my oncologist, but stopped taking it after thoroughly studying the possible side effects. Again, God blessed me because my oncologist didn’t object.

I am now taking four teaspoons of Poly-MVA a day and will probably stay on at least a maintenance dose the rest of my life. I also take a number of other supplements to keep my immune system in good shape. My blood work has been good and I will be seeing my oncologist every four months instead of every three months. She only extended me to four instead of six because I am not using the standard treatment. My follow-up mammogram showed no sign of disease. Praise God. I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to be able to call, with any kind of question, and hear the soothing voice of everyone working with Poly-MVA. I thank God almost every day for Dr. Garnett, who wanted to get it right, and for all at AMARC who helped me get through the darkness. Bless you all."

- S.G.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the beginning of 2010. I chose not to follow the traditional therapy offered but to deal with the cancer using healthy alternatives. A wonder friend referred me to Poly-MVA after meeting the team at the Annie Appleseed Conference for alternative cancer therapies in Florida. I was immediately impressed by the scientific studies available on the effectiveness of the product in helping the body in dealing with cancer and how it has stood the test of time. The Poly-MVA team has always been supportive and encouraging and available to answer question. Today my journey continues and I feel good and every time I take Poly-MVA I know I am supporting my immune system in a way that promotes health and well-being. Poly-MVA has been the foundation of my healing journey and will continue to be. Thank you Poly-MVA and team."

- Kerry Muir

"I am a Stage IV (Triple Negative) breast cancer patient. I have bone metastasis throughout my skeleton. I received this diagnosis confirmation in September, 2010 and I was emotionally devastated. There are not many options for a cancer patient with my diagnosis other than agreeing to participate in a clinical trial. I was 69 years old at the time of this diagnosis, and I had spent nearly 4 years, at the time of my recurrent diagnosis, in grueling, time-consuming 'treatments' including: full 'standard of care' chemo, breast mastectomy, and 10 weeks of daily radiation 'therapy.' None of these treatments worked! Thus, I was skeptical that 'more therapy' (a clinical trial) would do no more other than give me more months of misery 'in treatment.' I looked at my options and I found Poly-MVA. I began using oral Poly-MVA and other supplements in October, 2010, taking 2 teaspoons of Poly-MVA four times a day. During this past year, I have had numerous scans and blood workups, all of which confirm that my metastatic disease remains confined in my skeleton and has not yet advanced into soft-tissue (liver, lung, brain). During this time, I have LIVED my LIFE, and have not been in agony with the side-effects of 'treatment.' All I know is that since supporting my body with supplements my health has improved and I am thankful for my success in my battle with breast cancer. On the other hand, there is no other real explanation for my disease seemingly being arrested as a non-terminal disease confined to my bones. Poly-MVA and the other supplements simply continue to give me faith and hope that they are working, and that my time on this earth will continue."

- Melinda Jones

“I feel Poly-MVA is largely responsible for my excellent recovery from breast cancer. I have had no further cancer cells until recently, when a thermograph exam picked up a small disturbance in the left breast again. It was too small to be picked up by a mammogram the next week. I know it was caused by my over confidence in my progress and consequently forgetting to take my Poly-MVA some mornings. You can be sure I am careful to take my maintenance dose of 1 ½ tsp per day and I expect to take it the rest of my life. I am especially grateful for all the assistance and support I get from the people working with Poly-MVA. Thank you so much.”

- P.B.

"In June of 2000, at the age of 49, I had a lumpectomy and 5 weeks of radiation for ductal carcinoma insitu. I was told that the percentage of survival rate with this treatment was very high, so I went on merrily with my life. In July of 2002, a mammogram showed that the cancer had returned in the same place of my left breast. It was diagnosed as invasive ductal carcinoma. Following a medical procedure, I had a mastectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy. I had 4 treatments of Adriamycin and Cytoxan which made me very sick. They call adriamycin the ‘red devil;’ my nurse told me they used to call it the ‘red death.’ It looks like red Kool-Aid. Later I had 12 treatments of Taxol. It didn’t make me sick, but I experienced numbness in my feet, which I still have. At the time of the mastectomy, it was found that I had HER2/neu. My oncologist told us that not even bone marrow transplants worked for women with HER2/neu. When I asked him what my percentage rate of survival was at the present time, he responded by declining to answer. I say kindly, because as I realized later, he didn’t want to tell me how bad things were, but wanted to be hopeful as I went through chemotherapy. I never had a good feeling about radiation or chemotherapy, but I continued because I did not know what to do at the time. I knew there were integrative approaches to cancer, but where to look and who to trust were my questions. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Robert Milne. He has a clinic in Las Vegas, NV. My husband and I met with him in March of 2003, after I finished my chemotherapy treatments. I started taking Poly-MVA immediately. I started with six teaspoons a day. I am now taking two teaspoons a day for maintenance. Along with the Poly-MVA I take coral calcium to keep my system alkaline. I turned 60 last July. I have enjoyed many blessings I would have not have had, had we not learned about Poly-MVA. I am extraordinarily grateful for the hard work of Dr. Garnett and all the people who work with the Poly-MVA who have been so kind to me when I have called with questions. I am also grateful to Dr. Milne who shared his wisdom and caring."

- Barbara Jones

"In 2007, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with metastized breast cancer in the pleural area around her her right lung and bronchioli. She refused chemo and radiation at her age of 83. Instead she went to see a holistic doctor here in California and he recommended for her a number of items, one of which was Poly-MVA. It was very difficult for her to take all that was given her, so nothing was much taken. I had gone to the Cancer Convention in LA that September and learned about Poly-MVA. I told my mother-in-law that if she didn't take anything else, just take the Poly-MVA. She did, at about 4-5 times a day for about 9 months. In that time, she had a great quality of life, lots of energy, was able to get out and do what she wanted. She received a newsletter talking about killing cancer with another herb. Unfortunately, she stopped taking the Poly-MVA and started on that herb instead. We watched as her health deteriorated quickly over a few months despite our attempts to talk her into getting back on the Poly-MVA. She passed away this past March, but was able to be active till about a week before she passed. We can't say enough good things about the Poly-MVA, giving our sweet family member an awesome quality of life till the end, something I know she was grateful for."

- Lisa Rough, D.H.M., CNHP

"In September of 2003, I was diagnosed with right breast cancer, which had spread to the lymph nodes under my right arm. It was discovered through a routine mammogram. In October of 2003, I decided to have a mastectomy and have the lymph nodes removed. The medical doctors advised very strongly that I have radiation and chemo treatments as soon as I recovered from surgery. I heard about Poly-MVA thru some friends of mine, who were familiar with integrative approaches. After much thought and research, I decided to refuse conventional methods and start utilizing Poly-MVA for support of my body, along with numerous other vitamins. I began the regimen in November of 2003. I started taking the maximum dose of eight teaspoons a day of the Poly-MVA along with my vitamins. After about six months, I decreased the dose to four teaspoons a day. After about a year, I decreased the dose to two teaspoons a day along with my vitamins. I will be three years this September 2006 since I was diagnosed with cancer. I have not had any return of the cancer and I feel I am in better health now than before the cancer. Poly-MVA is a wonderful product and I am grateful to have been introduced to this marvelous supplement. Whenever I am with people and the subject of cancer is brought up, I always like to introduce them to Poly-MVA. God bless you."

- Linda Coakley

"I started using Poly-MVA after I was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer. I used Poly-MVA during my radiation treatment and I have not missed a day since I stared taking it. I feel fabulous. I feel better than I have in ten years. My moods seem to be more level now. I have had depression in the past, but all that is gone now. I feel happy and hopeful. I feel as though I have made a full recovery. I get tired sometimes and I feel as though I am running out of energy. That is my only complaint. However, before I started using Poly-MVA I was always run down and tired. I quit my job as a Real Estate Broker and now I am a Pilates Rehabilitation Trainer. I exercise every day, sometimes hours at a time. I have the energy to complete my tasks with a smile on my face. I plan to continue my use of Poly MVA."

- Christina Spence

"A biopsy in the spring of 1999 revealed two estrogen-receptive DCIS growths in my left breast, one the size of a pea (stage 2). Radical mastectomy was immediately recommended. Several 'second opinions' also recommended that I should have the 'offending breast' totally removed, including the lymph node which would determine whether chemotherapy and/or radiation would be needed. I was also prescribed Tamoxifen. However, I refused all of these options. I immediately changed my diet to eliminate all estrogen-producing foods (milk and meat products which have received hormone additives), I stayed clear of microwaves, increased my already mostly Asian diet of seaweed, mushrooms and tofu, and increased my vitamins and supplements. My original doctor, previous doctor to H.H. The Dalai Lama - Yeshi Dhonden - supplied me with Tibetan herbal pills assuring me that the cancer would not migrate. However, being a Holistic Practitioner myself, (i.e. Clinical Hypnotherapist), I realized the importance of integrative approaches. Unfortunately, unable to establish the ongoing communication between Tibetan and Western medicine necessary to continue monitoring this disease properly, I decided to discontinue treatment.

Shortly later, I was lucky enough to be present at a lecture on Poly-MVA. I was so impressed that I decided to try this product immediately, not even questioning the science. But I also purchased Dr. M. Garnett's book First Pulse, and read it with fascination! Here was a doctor whose science seemed to agree with my beliefs: DO NO HARM! Taking the Poly-MVA, I was able to discern the power immediately and obtained the go ahead to use it from my Tibetan doctor. In July 1999, in order to convince me of the urgency of a mastectomy, my oncologist requested another mammogram. In fact, the mammogram was done twice but still could show no suspicious results! My oncologist seemed nonplussed. He asked me what I proposed to do next; without hesitation I answered: 'Continue the Poly-MVA.'

UPDATE 1-27-2004: In 2001, during the course of my follow-ups, I asked my doctor about thermography since I was not fond of mammograms. I was told that it was not available and ultrasound was recommended. In July 2002 the ultrasound proved 'suspicious' and a biopsy revealed malignancy (although the mammogram had showed results as benign!). Once again, my oncologist recommended lumpectomy, if not mastectomy. I asked for an MRI which then showed suspicion in BOTH breasts! Meanwhile, I started on a loading dose of Poly-MVA and after 3 months requested another ultrasound. "Not possible," the doctor exclaimed: 'Why should we do that? We KNOW you have cancer.' But I was not convinced and searched out a location where thermography was available. This is a non-invasive technique, fully approved by the FDA (although NOT reimbursable by HMOs) whereby an infra-red photo is made in a cold room highlighting any areas not affected by the drop in temperature (i.e. thermo = heat). I understand that this method of diagnosis is 70% accurate with the first result and is 90% accurate with the second. In September 2003 both these results showed NO abnormality in EITHER breast. I called my oncologist to explain why I was putting off the operation and asked if she would look at these test results. Upon seeing them she said: 'Dear, I cannot trust these results since we KNOW you have cancer.' Meanwhile, I continue to feel fine and continue sipping my Poly-MVA.

UPDATE 3-2007: Taking the Poly-MVA for several years had been unable to earn me the "cancer free' credential from any oncologist - maybe because I was not taking large enough dose. However, at this time I have finally been declared "cancer free" by the medical establishment. Why? Because I underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy in 2005. Why? Because I desperately needed both hips replaced. Why? Because my Orthopedic Surgeon refused to perform this operation unless I got a mastectomy FIRST. So, being in unbearable pain, I agreed. (The mastectomy operation, however, was more debilitating than I had anticipated - but the hip surgery much easier!) When the oncologist notified me regarding the analysis of the malignancy, he exclaimed 'Oh, your cancer was more aggressive than I had believed!' But he never questioned the fact that I had survived comfortably 5 years with no metastis. He continues to urge me to follow up with Femara, etc. but I just continue sipping my Poly-MVA and SMILING! God Bless all Survivors!"

- Olivia de Haulleville

"In 1987 I felt a lump in my right breast. I didn't think twice and I called my sister who was working then at the hospital. She came and said that if I wanted to be sure I better go to my doctor. I did go. I had a mammogram and they could not see anything. They said that I was nervous, well why not; someone I knew died of breast cancer. But it was a year later, in 1988, which everything started. I went to another doctor, because the lump was still there and in my opinion it was larger. The doctor took a look at the mammogram and said that there really was nothing. But went in for an echo and still they didn't see anything till I really showed them where I felt it and then the doctor said that there is something. So the next day I was in the hospital to have it removed. The doctor came in later and I knew by seeing his face that it was cancer. The next day I left the hospital with stitches and all. I began working on my papers to go for medical treatment in Holland. Within a week I was there with my husband and two daughters. I waited for three weeks before the operation. I didn't have my breast removed but a lumpectomy. I had radiation afterwards for 5 weeks. Then 10 years later the cancer was back again. I had chemotherapy in Aruba and then in 1999 they removed my breast. In 2001 I was in Holland for radiation and a treatment they called 'hypothermia" (it's a treatment with hot water (41 C) where my breast used to be). At the end of 2001 the cancer showed up in my hip. I couldn't walk that good. So I had ten days of radiation on my hip and back. It has been a year and I feel good. Every six months I do a blood test to see if the tumor is growing again. In the middle of 2002 my cancer tumor marker in my blood shot up to 137. Normal is 25. The oncologists scheduled me for more operations.

Fearing a fourth fight with cancer and not wanting any more chemo or operations my husband and I consulted Dr. Viana at the Viana Natural Healing Center here in Aruba. Dr. Viana started me on their cancer treatment program that includes a strict diet and Poly-MVA. I stayed strictly on Dr. Viana's treatment plan and two months later, three days before my scheduled treatments were to start, I asked my oncologist to check my tumor marker again. My oncologist could not believe the results - less than 25! I have to say, using Poly-MVA the way it was recommended by my doctor did and still is doing wonders for me. I believed that Dr. Viana's treatment program that includes Poly-MVA has helped me. Besides, the tumor marker blood test says it all. In my struggle these years with cancer I never give up hope and feel it is important to stay positive. Most of the time, I don't even think about it. Now I am able to do everything and live a normal life. I'm a schoolteacher that loves her job and I don't want to miss a day of teaching if I can help it. Keep your faith up and remember, 'When one door closes another one will open.'"

- Sitha Pina

"My wife, Virginia, began her journey with breast cancer with a strong hesitation to proceed with 'conventional' medical approaches, surgery, chemo and possibly radiation. Of course they wanted to remove 20-30 lymph nodes from under her right arm and breast. We declined and began to explore various integrative approaches to fighting the cancer. We discovered Poly-MVA and used one bottle, then decided to get more because her energy level was immediately 'supercharged.' Prior to Poly-MVA she was unable to get her normal housework completed without several rest periods. After three bottles we ordered 10 because we found that we could get a substantial discount. At the same time she was started on the Clodrinate testing program. Although her tumors continued to grow over the next 9-10 months she was never sick in bed nor did she have any side effects from the Poly-MVA. About one year and a few months after her initial diagnoses (mammogram, ultra sound, MRI, needle biopsy, surgical biopsy) she began using RIFE treatments using high frequency (11,780,000 Hz) rf energy through a specially designed helium filled bulb. In addition to the high frequency treatments of 5 minutes twice a week, she also used a large coil of wire (essentially an electromagnet) with 2008 Hz sine wave at 150 watts rms power. This was a 10 minute session for each breast plus another 10 minutes at 2128 Hz. Within 5 weeks of treatment using this approach (in addition to the Poly-MVA) her tumors were completely gone! This was verified by doctors at Seattle Cancer Alliance (Fred Hutcherson Cancer Center) using mammogram, ultrasound and MRI! To date she remains free of cancer and is living a normal life. Of course we have adjusted our eating habits and continue to follow a better health regimen than before the cancer. We wish to thank you and the team working with Poly-MVA for your concern and support during our time of the 'dark trial.'"

- Boyd Booze

"I had a left breast mastectomy. Did not allow my lymph nodes to be removed. Did one round of chemotherapy (4 every 2 weeks; first dose 8/05) I had taken wheat grass (fresh) or bottled barley grass for 3 years prior and believe it is the reason I went through an easy chemotherapy. I went on Poly-MVA soon after chemo. CT scan on 9/22/05 on my lungs, stomach and pelvic region showed only microscopic cancer cells. The lymh nodes, which were not removed, were cancerous and shrinking, as evidenced by an underarm lymph node dissection on 1/23/06, which showed that the cancer had shrunk considerably. At my request, the surgeon removed this lymph node for me because it was constricting my arm movement some and could be seen when I wore short sleeves (vanity!). So all is going well. I will, of course continue with my Poly-MVA forever. When I do get clear of all cancer in my body (according to the doctors through blood tests/CT scan), I will continue Poly-MVA in lower and lower doses, aiming for maintenance dose for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, I fell on my left arm 3 times (elbow) during the early days of treatment and ended up with a very large blood clot in arm, along with lymphodema, and very painful vein pain. I have been treated with Coumedin for the blood clot since 10/05 which does not allow one to take in vegetables containing large amounts of vitamin K. Recently I told my oncologist that this does not please me at all and told him I wanted to get these important vegetables back into my diet, so he said go ahead and eat them and he would raise the amount of coumedin as necessary. Both my surgeon and oncologist trust every decision I have made along the way, know about the Poly-MVA, and constantly remind me that I am not a typical 3+ cancer patient. Oncologist told me the first time he saw my breast (I let it go to a very advanced stage, believe me - there was no reason to even do any biopsies, it was so obvious a very advanced cancer) that I had about 6 months to live. Both doctors have read all the material on Poly-MVA and are very impressed, to say the least, and always look forward to seeing me as I progress so well. My left arm mobility is getting better. I can now use my fingers to type; couldn't do that for some time. I tried the typical lymphodema therapy, but had too much pain to go that route, you know, the sleeves, gloves, rubs, etc. I suppose the coumedin, Poly-MVA, essential oils, Miracle II are all helping to bring back more motion to my arm. Soon, I will begin physical therapy to force movement, where I cannot do it on my own.

I had a viewing at my home of the Poly-MVA DVD video a few days ago, and will continue to get Poly-MVA information out to the public; it is my life's mission. Thank you to Poly-MVA, my R.N. Effie, and the Yahoo group for all the amazing support I have received.

- Marialyce Caudillo

"On April 2004, at the age of 68, I entered a large imaging center for a routine mammogram with the same apprehension most women feel until we receive the all-clear report. I was told to wait and not to dress after the mammogram as the radiologist might want more views. The wave of anxiety jolted me like an electric shock, and I steeled myself for the worst. An ultrasound was done immediately and the technician called for the doctor who looked at the images and exclaimed as if I were not there: "It doesn't look like a cyst to me. I am most concerned with the shadow area." His words seared like a shot in the night beyond my physical being and seemed to pierce my very soul. There and then I knew what I feared most. Cancer!

The recommended surgeon said I would need a 'cut biopsy.' My request for a sentinel node biopsy was denied for reasons I can't recall. The growth was small so it was removed entirely during the biopsy procedure. A week later, I received a call telling me it was indeed a malignant growth, and I would need further surgery to explore the 'shadow' area and a wide-angle lymph incision. The surgeon said I would have to agree to five weeks of beam radiation of the left breast after surgery. I declined radiation and advised the surgeon that I also wanted another opinion. He then said it would be malpractice for him to do the surgery without my consent for radiation. I was promptly 'fired' by the surgeon. I asked for the pathology and operative reports and to my horror the words 'Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with margin involvement...tumor grade 3.3' drove me to an emotional depth of despair and fear that I had never known. Literally, I felt mummified for three days and nights, fearing the conventional treatments more than death.

The next eight days were spent at my computer 12-to-14 hours a day typing words into the Google search engine related to integrative cancer treatments. There were over 2000 sites. I prayed for guidance, begging God to help me. I could not choose herbs, teas, or Indian tree bark. 'Isn't there something for support with a scientific basis somewhere out there?' I kept asking myself over and over again. Finally, on the sixth night, Poly-MVA came on the screen. I read about Dr. Garnett, the inventor of Poly-MVA, and how he was determined to restore the normal, rather than poison the abnormal. I learned that Poly-MVA helps your body to fight the cancer cells. With those words, hope was born for me and replaced the abject fear if not terror. God knows I had had my fill of the poisoning aspects of conventional cancer treatments, initially as a teenager watching my father die a slow and agonizing death from cancer. Years later, I lost a dear friend to breast cancer. Her ordeal was so horrendous with radiation that her spinal cord swelled and she suffered what no human should ever have to endure. She literally died from the conventional treatments. The memories of both victims were still fresh. I had had enough of the cut and burn theory that gives no guarantees.

I continued to read more and more on the Poly-MVA. The basic science was there, the testimonies were impressive and numerous, and the clinical science was well underway. My decision was made. When relatives and friends learned of my decision to take a road less traveled, an unconventional approach, the pressure of their fears and tears was overwhelming. We found a place on the Oregon Coast and 'hid out' for three months. We called it the Poly-MVA retreat. Our focus centered on an all-natural diet as well as feeding the spirit with meditation, visualization and relaxation tapes. I learned from my Internet search on alternative sites that cancer was indeed fueled by sugar. I took sugar out of my diet completely. Diligently, I followed the Complete Approach, using Poly-MVA along with a liver cleanser, a pH moderator, an immune function enhancer and, most importantly, Coenzyme Q10. The CoQ10 significantly enhances the active complex in Poly-MVA.

I don't believe there is another product in this world that has a support service as we do with Poly-MVA. Gary and Tim Matson held my hand with encouragement through the many months, and provided information that enabled me to keep learning about Poly-MVA. I did not have a good computer connection in Oregon so Gary sent me all the testimonies and other valuable information such as the fabulous book on Poly-MVA authored by Dr. Milne of Las Vegas. Each night, I fell asleep reading Mark Olsztyn's and Gracie Todorczuk's testimonies and almost memorized Dr. Milne's book. They gave me strength and commitment to keep on keeping on. Without the support available, I might have succumbed to outside pressures. I knew I was only a phone call away from guidance and that provided peace on my journey to wellness.

September 2004 came quickly it seemed, and we returned home to Nevada. Though feeling well, I did not know if Poly-MVA worked for me. Having been fired by the doctor, where could I go now? How could I get the tests necessary to monitor my progress? I had then completed four months on this product. Where to turn next? Gary Matson, the senior consultant working with the Poly-MVA, had introduced me via e-mail to another Nevadan. She called the foremost breast surgeon in Las Vegas with impeccable credentials and begged him to take me as a patient. They were good friends. This doctor was kind, but asked me if I knew that Poly-MVA did not have FDA approval. (In fact, Poly-MVA is a supplement, not a drug, but I chose not to begin my relationship with this doctor by getting into a discussion about the regulatory status of Poly-MVA.) He dismissed my information and did an immediate mammogram. In his belief system, he could not conceive that I did not have active cancer. To my amazement, he did attest that I did not lose any traction over a six-month period and the lymph nodes felt OK. 'You are lucky because you are no worse.'

He advised that another, less invasive, surgery called mammosite was necessary. 'I will clean out the area by doing a partial mastectomy and a balloon will be placed in the area and you will have only targeted minimal radiation to that precise area for 5 days, 10 minutes twice a day. A special machine will place a radiation seed into the balloon area only, not radiating the entire breast.' This sounded so much better than the plan of the first surgeon. Certainly, I was relieved that the Poly-MVA worked in the sense that I was no worse but even I now believed I still had cancer. The surgery was performed on November 9, 2004 - almost six months to the day after the first biopsy. By this time I had taken Poly-MVA for 5 months. The sentinel node biopsy was negative and the mammosite surgery was completed. Three days later, the biopsy of the breast tissue excised from the partial mastectomy was returned with a lengthy report from the pathologists. It was obvious by the length and description of the report that they looked long and hard to find the cancer that in their opinion had not been treated for the past six months. EVERYTHING CAME BACK NEGATIVE. THERE WAS NO TRACE OF MALIGNANCY.

'What had happened to the shadow in the infiltrating area?' I asked myself. The GRADE 3.3 TUMOR should have spread by now. I was in shock and could not immediately feel anything. I had a balloon in place with tubes hanging from my breast ready for the 5 days of targeted radiation. I asked my breast surgeon, who had been so accommodating to see a patient on an integrative approach, 'Why do I need radiation if the cancer is gone?' He replied, 'This way, it will never come back. Just do it, Marylin.' I did have the five days of targeted radiation; it was not a big deal after all. The balloon and tubes were then removed. With the realization that I did not need the second surgery nor the radiation, I decided to put this experience behind me. While my surgeon would not let me discuss the Poly-MVA with him, prior to my radiation treatments, the radiation oncologist did amaze me. She is a vibrant young doctor with a warm manner toward patients. Following her down a long and narrow hall, we passed about 9 patients obviously at various stages in their treatments. Four had their heads covered and all looked down at the floor when I passed. Chills ran down my spine. Ushered into a small office, the oncologist closed the door behind her and whispered, 'Marylin, what did you do...did you take herbs?' I then proceeded to tell her about Poly-MVA. She did not comment but smiled in a gracious manner. The next day, I dropped off a package about Poly for her information. Last week, eleven months since the ominous mammogram, I saw this oncologist again for a checkup. She examined me and said, 'You are doing just fine. You don't have to return to see me for six months.' I received a gentle touch on my shoulder and a broad smile.

The recommendation for those in remission is 1 teaspoon a day of Poly. I am choosing to stay on 3 teaspoons a day as well as continuing on the Complete Approach and maintaining our commitment to an organic diet. My pathology reports before and after are available to interested parties."

- Marylin Koenig

"On my birthday, January 6, 2006, I went for a routine mammogram that was far from routine. A spiculated mass, 2 cm in diameter, was found by ultrasound after the mammogram. Dr. Alison Estabrook, best breast surgeon in the world, did the fine needle aspiration, found the tissue cancerous, and did a lumpectomy on January 26, 2006. When the lump was found, I used Efudex (skin cancer cream) on it. I killed the main blood vessels in and out of the cancer in two days. Then I rubbed it into the spiculated portion of the cancer and got rid of all those blood vessels in another two days. By the time they removed the cancer, two weeks later, 20% of it was necrotic in the center due to loss of blood supply. My husband and I left for a two week cruise in South America to Argentina and Chile and I started cancer "treatment" at Memorial Sloan Kettering on March 15th. Since I refused chemotherapy (I think it is barbaric and far too destructive), the hospital did a body-wide search for additional cancer. They found a renal cell carcinoma, 1.7 cm, on the outer curve of the left kidney. I had suspected a cancer when I had shingles four times in 1996. I had a full body CT scan and they found a 5 mm. lesion on the left kidney (soft lesion). To be sure, I had the test repeated in 2002 and they found NOTHING. Now, four years later, they find a large renal cell carcinoma. My radiation oncologist at MSK was Durgesh Hajela. Her fellow doctor, Karen Schupak, ordered the technicians to force the bones of my shoulder into an untenable position for radiotherapy that caused permanent nerve damage in my shoulder. Two more times, they repeated this process. My whole 220 pound body levitated off the table as if jolted by defibrillator paddles. My arm flew in painful jerks in every direction as the nerve remained caught between the bones. I told them and they agreed, that I could not endure such treatment.

I tried to find an integrative approach. The Cancer Treatment Center in Philadelphia offered mammotome therapy (balloon inserted and isotope placed in balloon twice a day) but my insurance would not pay enough of the cost. St. Barnabas Hospital offered mammosite therapy but Alison Grann, radiation oncologist, said the protocol was very strict and it had been too long since my surgery. Scar tissue had already filled in the space where the tissue had been removed.
Then I turned to Roosevelt Hospital and Dr. Andrew Evans was creative enough to find a positioning system to treat the now-returning tumor. He eliminated the foam support under the neck and shoulder and put a wing on the table for my right arm. They taped as much of the arm out of the field, as possible. He expected my arm to be badly burned, even with this positioning. I had to drive two hours each way, to New York City, for the radiation and spend another two hours there. This facility is located at 1000 Tenth Avenue, New York City, NY. I had 33 treatments regular and 7 treatments of 'boost', with electron beams.

As soon as I was diagnosed, I began a cancer diet and went on the Mannatech System, with daily Ambrotose, Manna Cleanse, ImmunoStart, omega3 supplements, no white sugar or flour, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. My Poly-MVA arrived just in time for the first radiation treatment, on Thursday, June 8th. I have increased from a once-a-day dose of 1 teaspoon to a twice a day dose of 4 teaspoons. I take each teaspoon with 15 drops of LiquSorb CoQ10. I also take Vitamin B 50 mg; calcium gluconate 600 mg. calcium, with 200 iu. Vitamin D2 twice a day; L-carnitine 500 mg.; Mannatech GI Pro; Plus (amino acids); and Arthrosoothe (turmeric) from PNE. I use Xylitol as the sweetener if I have a recipe that needs one. I also take a multi- vitamin and 1000 mg. of Vitamin C; Vitamin E with selenium food complex 50 iu.; zinc gluconate 50 mg., chromium piccolinate 0.1 mg, Vitamin B12 .1 mg., three tablets of potassium gluconate, one with each meal, 90 mg. potassium; one DHA from Norwegian fish oils, 500 mg; CoQ10, one 100 mg., with lunch. Recently I added Epicor, DIM, serrapeptase (a fibrin digester) and artemisinin (at first I took one a day but recently the Poly-MVA site has recommended nine a day). I just added Vitamin D3 to the regimen, starting at one 1,000 iu capsule a day. I would love to liberate the calcium in all the strange calcifications of the breast and other organs.

We had a gasoline spill near our house in 1991 and I had always wondered if that were the culprit for the cancers. We just had our well water tested and it had no trace of any volatile organic hydrocarbons. The breast tumor arose from a patch of scar tissue left by the removal of a mole (with hair) when I was fifteen years old--1957. Dr. Fleishmann, my pharmacology advisor at Roosevelt Hospital says I probably did not have to have the kidney cancer treated at all. I saw Aaron Katz at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital about having it cryo-ablated. The surgery was successfully completed, with Jaime Landman as chief surgeon, on August 4th, 2006. Dr. Nader Fahimi met with me again on September 18th and my shoulder reconstruction was scheduled for October 12th, 2006. I saw Dr. Johnson again on July 14th, August 8th and October 3, and once a month since then. I saw Dr. Estabrook again on July 7th (she said all looked well and scheduled my next mammo for January 8th, 2007). My follow-up visit with Dr. Evans was on September 12th and December 10th. He said all looked well. On January 8th they took NINE films of the right breast. I was furious because this is alpha radiation that they use and very highly ionizing. I told them they missed seeing the tumor altogether for three years and NOW, with the tumor removed, they take NINE films. Each alpha particle strips two electrons from the cell tissue and is highly damaging to DNA. Sure enough, after a couple of weeks, I noticed proliferation of the cells that had remained after the surgery. I upped my Poly-MVA dose to 20 tsp. a day for a week, added nine artemisinins per day and used the skin cancer cream again for two weeks. I think I clobbered it nicely and it is in its death throes (again). The breast surgeon again pronounced the breast fine, perfect, beautiful. The radiation oncologist was visited on March 13th, 2007 and he said my efforts appeared successful and could find nothing remaining from the latest proliferation. And that's all she (I) wrote! Holding you all in love and prayer.

UPDATE June 28, 2010: Greetings all. What a blessing the Poly-MVA Yahoo group has been. From them I learned about the proper 50,000 international units of Vitamin D3 that I should take per week. My mammograms used to show very dense fibrocystic tissue. It was like trying to look through 'old ice' on the surface of a lake. After taking the proper Vitamin D3 and adding iodine (through organic kelp), the view is now as though through 'black ice' (no fishes visible beneath MY ice, however). From them I learned to take my vitamin C and glutathione in the middle of the night on an empty stomach. That is when I take my thyroid medication, too. I learned about artemesinin through them. My cancer would flare up every three months and that's when I took artemesinin for 10 days. (Don't take it continuously though, because it is neurotoxic). Luckily for me, the Beta arthemeter was available when I needed it from Arrowhead Lake Health Works and it beat down my flare-ups. Hearing about breakthroughs from all over the world (like Australian brushwood), and having prayers from Janice, June, Cyndi & Jim, Mervyn, Ronnie, Caroline, Sam, B'Lynn, Angela, Marylin and Emily makes me ashamed that I was ever content to be 'blissfully ignorant' about cancer. With us, every thought and breath is to BEAT it. Poly-MVA and you....perfect together!! Everyone in the group has given me not just hope but confidence. Any newbies out there....this stuff works! It stuns me that doctors and cancer patients can pass by this opportunity.

UPDATE 11/12/2012: I had learned about Poly-MVA originally in the Susan Lark newsletter from my sister's friends who are both doctors. To backtrack, I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. I had a lumpectomy, radiation. I also had kidney/renal cell carcinoma which was unaffected by Poly-MVA. In 2012 I had two large and deep skin cancers on my right thigh. I used Efudex on the surface and Poly-MVA. Within about 2 weeks the cancer lesions on my leg were about gone. in fall of 2012, a large patch of skin (4 sq. inches) on my left jaw suddenly turned to mush. I said to myself 'Uh oh! It's a stage of basal cell carcinoma.' I then headed right to the bottle of Poly-MVA. I didn't want to use Efudex or it would leave a large purple/red reaction area for a long time. Three weeks into Poly-MVA there is only a low uninflammed scab left. Hooray! Poly-MVA's support wins another one for me. There's nothing like it. I feel so blessed to have it available. (I had a similar lesion removed in 2001 by MOHS surgery in 2000. You feel like they are mining for gold, from the surface down to the bone or cartilage base. My neighbor was called back in and they opened the stitches and "mined" some more. Yuck!) My current Poly-MVA dose is 2 tsps a day with 15 drops of LiqCoq10 at breakfast. I truly believe that Poly-MVA has contributed to my health and recovery. Every day I recommend Poly-MVA to others. I would tell others" Stop being a disbeliever and try it for a few weeks...then you will know it worth every penny and gives the greatest peace of mind. Have no fear Poly-MVA is here!"

- Judy Foester

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer late 2000. I was numb and went through the motions. I originally went for a breast reduction and was sent for a mammogram. The nightmare started. There were two lumps and they were extremely small so then had an ultrasound. The ultrasound could not give a definite diagnosis. The next step was aspiration. I said nope, I am having a breast reduction and if there is anything there they can take it out. Little did I know that the medical protocol has an entirely different approach. I was then sent back to get a stereotactic biopsy and the pathology report said positive for ductual carcinoma. Now a surgeon becomes involved, oncologist, and plastic surgeon. You run from one appointment to another and the stress takes its toll and you do not even have time to sort out what is happening. You are now a statistic and you are dancing to the tune of the medical establishment. I had the mastectomy, no radiation or chemotherapy and was put on Tamoxifen. I had a terrible reaction to the Tamoxifen and flushed it down the toilet. I then decided I had enough. I had an oncologist that was a controller and she was quite upset that I refused further adjuvant hormone therapy and was sending me again for another full body CT Scan. I told her I just had one 3 months ago and it is a lot of radiation. She walked out of the office and the nurse brought in the prescription for the CT Scan. I never went back. I got another oncologist and this one does not return phone calls when I was asking about results of a chest X-Ray. Took 6 weeks to find out from some office clerk that it was ok and she could not explain this fancy word and said it was just what the pathologist said. I asked to speak to the doctor and two weeks later still no phone call. I was not too impressed. I am now on oncologist number three and not too sure about this one but went along with the program of just being monitored. I went every three months and then every six months for bloodwork and mammograms. So far so good.

By 2005 I was beginning to see a lump forming by the mastectomy scar line. I went to a surgeon and said I needed a biopsy. He felt it was ok and I did not. I was scheduled for an excisional biopsy. The pathology report came back positive for carcinoma. I was upset and could not figure out how cancer could come back on the same site when I had a mastectomy. I went online and did a lot of research and did find that sometimes cells drop off during a stereotactic biopsy and cancer can grow back. However, this is a very rare occurrence. The past five years I did a lot of research on cancer and bought a lot of books on healing and changing your lifestyle and diets. I read up on a lot of people that cured themselves through natural and holistic methods. I changed my diet quite a bit and then slacked off but pretty much stayed with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I did some meditation and some yoga but working a full time job was quite difficult to maintain a really healthy lifestyle. I knew then that when you are diagnosed with cancer, you have to be very vigilant with your life and maintaining an equitable balance. I worked too many hours to be able to devote much time to healing myself and maintaining a quality healthy lifestyle.

I go to oncologist number three and he did not even have the courtesy to tell me the pathology report, the first words out of his mouth were, 'I recommend the whole gamut; chemo, radiation and adjuvant hormone therapy.' My answer took a leap of faith, 'No!' He said, 'This is your last chance, June!' I said, 'I am sixty years old, I have lived a good life, and I have other plans.' He said, 'Do you know what dying cancer patients are like? They stink!' I was pretty upset and then he said he would schedule a CT scan then changed his mind and said no, a PET Scan. I said ok we can do that but this is what he should have said in the first place. He screamed at me and said he was the doctor. I was pretty upset when I left. I called the surgeon and said I cannot go back to this man anymore and wanted to cancel the PET Scan. The surgeon said do the scan and we will find another oncologist.

The PET Scan showed negative for further cancers but then it is not sensitive enough to pick up cells, just clusters. The surgeon knew what he was dealing with. I had two subsequent surgeries and the first of the two margins were not clear. I had to go back again and margins were clear but there were two more hot spots which meant the cancer was spreading and now is multifocal. Oncologist number four said you have to have chemo and radiation and adjuvant hormone therapy. I then said no I will go integrative. He was quite upset and felt that he could do no more for me. In essence I was fired. I went back to the surgeon and he said he will monitor me and I went against his advice also but he respected my decision. I asked him what happens when patients refuse further treatment, he said some survive and others go on to die. He did not try to force me into anymore treatments but respected my decision. This was in August of 2005. By the end of September after spending a month of a very strict diet and enough vitamins and supplements to fill a small shop I realized I was losing the war against this cancer. I was losing weight, I had sweats, I was really weak and it was so bad that I thought death would be a wonderful alternative to the hell I was going through. I was white and had no color and my clothes were really getting loose.

I made an appointment with a homeopathic practitioner who is also a doctor and it took almost two months to get in to see him. The day finally arrived and I sat there while he went through all the reports. He said we know you have cancer, we just don't know where it has gone and what stage you are now. He then proceeded to tell me about some new supplements that are out there and told me of his father-in-law. His father-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer and was pretty much told to get his affairs in order. The father-in-law did a lot of research and came onto information about Poly-MVA. He started taking this at 14 teaspoons a day along with a very strict diet and lots of other supplements. Of course the doctor felt that his father-in-law was wasting his money. After four and a half months a liver scan was done and the tumor was shrinking and the gentleman was feeling much better. A year later there was no evidence of cancer. However, he is taking 2 teaspoons a day of Poly-MVA for life. This goes to show that someone actually won this battle.

I felt like a lifeline had been thrown at me. I was put on Poly-MVA loading dose that was to span six months to a year and many other supplements and of course diet. Insurance does not cover the office visit or any of these supplements. The money was well spent as far as I was concerned. The next day I slept very late as I was very fatigued and started by first 2 teaspoons of Poly-MVA. I took another at 4pm. I took another 2 teaspoons at 8pm and really felt fatigued and my brain was washed out and I could not even function or think. The next day I went to work and looked so bad that I was asked if I could work that day. I had to work, who could support this expensive regime I started. I had no choice. Sunday is day three and I was still exhausted but went into work. By 2pm I felt a shift. I knew something was different and I could not figure it out. I then realize the fevers and sweats were diminishing and my body had calmed down. It was strange as the body that is fighting cancer is really fighting and that is probably the cause of this fatigue also. The calming of the physical being was phenomenal as you have to be at a very bad state to realize what true homeostasis really is. Monday, I had enough energy that I was bouncing off the walls. I had a mystical experience that day. I was at work and walking to the shed to get sheets for my room when I felt this shimmery feeling overcome me. I stopped to experience this feeling and I felt a sense of peace, love, and I cannot describe the ecstasy I felt, it was beyond words. I then knew that I was going to be ok.

This was six months ago and I am still on the loading dose. I still have some ups and downs and I still tire easily. I also realize that I was seriously ill six months ago and was in total denial. I am still healing and I still need a lot of rest and need to reduce the stress in my life. A lot of people do not realize that the healing path is a long road and recovery is slow. Also faith in the process is a powerful tool on the road to recovery. I will be having a PET scan soon and I know in my heart it will show nothing. I also know that I will have to be vigilant and strict about my health and lifestyle. Staying healthy is a fulltime, lifetime job. I attribute a lot of my healing to a wonderful surgeon that allowed me faith in my choice and encouraged me. I attribute the powerful dynamic of healing choices to a wonderful homeopathic physician that guided me and still guides me. I also thank many of my supporters and my family for their loving support and watching the magnificent experience of my healing take place.

I also give first and foremost Poly-MVA the catalyst of dynamically supplementing my body with a tool that helped me with the fight against cancer. I never say my cancer if the reader has noticed, it is not mine, it was not welcome in the first place and never will be. I feel that cancer should not be acknowledged as yours, it is a wake up call to let you know that major changes need to be made in your life. You can choose to heal or you can choose the everlasting comforts of death. I chose quality of life. I chose to heal myself and not compromise my body with powerful chemicals to destroy cancer and compromise my physical being. I chose a lonely scary road that many have traveled and survived and wrote to live and tell about it, but never met one face to face. I had to rely on faith.

UPDATE March 23, 2007: I just had my 62nd birthday March 1, 2007 in Hawaii and gained more weight and feel fantastic. As of now, no signs of illness. I have excellent health and work full time and care for 11 cats."

- June Black

"In April 1998, my bout with breast cancer began when a pea size lump was detected during a yearly mammogram, so deep in my left breast that I did not feel it. The biopsy showed it was malignant. Within a month between detection and a lumpectomy, it grew to 3/4 of an inch. A lumpectomy and removal of 15 lymph nodes was performed at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA followed by four treatments of Adriamicin and Cytocin and 33 radiation treatments. Two of the lymph nodes were positive. I lost my hair and was very sick from the side effects of the chemo. In Jan 1999, tumor marker tests and a mammogram showed no sign of cancer. Then in May 1999, I found a hard lump the size of a marble on my left side next to the surgery incision. It was there overnight. A biopsy showed the cancer had returned and it was more aggressive. I had a mastectomy in June 1999. In the meantime my husband was already retired and we had been making plans for me to take early retirement and move from Northeast PA to FL to be closer to our daughter. We sold our home and moved to Tampa Bay in July 1999. I endured five treatments of Taxotere at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. I again lost my hair, which had just started growing in and I had every side effect possible. I felt like I was going to die. I finished the treatments in Dec 1999 and was in remission for a year.

I was having checkups every four months and in Dec 2000 the tumor marker test was elevated to 39. Not too high but with my history it was enough to have my oncologist order a ct and bone scans. The bone scan was clean but the CT scan showed a primary tumor the size of a ping-pong ball in the upper left quadrant of my right lung with an involved lymph node next to the aorta artery. Surgery was out of the question. My tumor marker test was 46. A biopsy confirmed that the tumor was metastasized from the breast. In Jan. 2001, I began a weekly treatment of Navelbine and Herceptin, changed our diet to a mostly vegetarian one, used only organic dairy products, started taking Flax Oil and Essiac Tea and in April 2001 the tumor reduced 50% and the tumor marker test was at 43. We were elated. Then on May 29, 2001 another CT scan showed the tumor started to grow and was now the size of a golf ball, the lymph node next to the aorta was swollen, and the tumor marker was now at 59. I couldn't believe it. My oncologist changed my treatment plan to Xeloda, a chemo pill I take two weeks on and one week off. I have been having a lot of hand /foot syndrome side effects from this drug.

My niece, Bernadette, had been doing research on integrative approaches for me and she encouraged me to look into Poly-MVA. I began taking Poly-MVA the last week of June. On Aug 6th. six weeks later, I had another CT scan with amazing results. The tumor has disappeared, the lymph node is back to normal size and my tumor marker test is down to 23.8. My oncologists are amazed because while they have had much success with Xeloda it hasn't equaled my results. I am not brave enough to stop either the Xeloda or the Poly-MVA to see which one is more effective. I am willing to believe my good news is a combination of Poly-MVA, Xeloda, change of diet and all the prayers my family and friends have said for me. In the time I have been taking Poly-MVA, I feel better than I have ever felt, even before I was diagnosed. I started working at a new job and have more pep and energy. My family and coworkers have noticed a big difference in my energy level and attitude. I have a more positive outlook and feel so alive. I truly believe Poly-MVA has made a dramatic difference in my life. Thank you for making Poly-MVA available and thanks to you, Gary and Tim, for being there whenever I have questions. I also thank my niece for giving me the courage to try something different. I will continue to take Poly-MVA and also Xeloda. I will be having ct scans every six weeks or so for the next few months and will keep you all posted on how I am doing. God bless you.

UPDATE 1-21-02: I had a CT scan and tumor marker done last week and received good news today from my oncologist. My tumor marker is down to 16.8 (it was 22 in Nov). The tumor (what is left of it) is stable. Based on the report from the radiologist, it is her professional opinion that the tumor is virtually not there. She feels the remainder that is there has dead cells in it and may just stay there indefinitely. I will continue taking the Xeloda until I see her again March 14. If the tumor marker stays at 16.8 or goes lower, I can stop taking the Xeloda. Hurrah! Of course I will still continue with the Poly-MVA. What a life saver it has been for me. I will send you an update soon. Thank you again for always being there. God bless you both.

UPDATE May 31, 2002: I had a CT scan and tumor marker done last week and received the results today. The tumor marker is 17 - it was 16.5 in March - so it is staying in the normal range. The CT scan is the same as the January results. The tumor sac is still there but very minute. My oncologist says the sac may never go away completely but she does not think there are any live cancer cells in it based on my markers. The CA27-29 marker has been a good indicator for me as to how I am doing. I have been off Xeloda for 2 1/2 months now and still doing well. So I am very pleased. I will have another scan and markers in August. I will keep you updated.

UPDATE January 29, 2003: Here are the latest updates since my last update in May 2002. I had a CT scan and tumor markers in August 2002. The CT scan remains stable - same as it has been for the past year. The CA 27-29 marker was down to 11.8 - it was 17 in May. The CEA was stable at .5. In Nov 2002, I had another CT scan and markers. The CT scan again remained the same - no change. The CA 27-29 was elevated to 30.6 and the CEA to 2.0. I was very concerned even though the scan was still ok. Tumor markers always show something going on with me. In July I started seeing a nutritionist and was taking a lot of supplements and also detoxing. When the markers spiked in Nov, I started looking at the supplements I was taking and realized the total of Vitamin E combined in all the supplements was well over 1000 IUs. I rembered reading that you should not take more than 400 IUs in a day when taking the Poly-MVA. This may not have been the cause of the spike in the markers but I stopped all supplements except the detox. I also increased the Poly-MVA to 4 teaspoons a day (I was only taking 1 teaspoon). In late Dec when I ordered my next Poly-MVA, I spoke to Gary and he recommended I look at taking Coral Calcium, Liver Support, Q-Gel and Transfer Factor Plus. I added these four supplements to my daily regime in late Dec and am continuing with them. In late Dec I spoke to another Poly-MVA user, Greg Sourvelis, who told me of a doctor in my area now on the Poly-MVA physician's list. I started seeing Dr. Ray Wunderlich, M.D. here in St. Petersburg. I thought it was a good idea to see someone familiar with the product and also see what other recommendations he would have. I am very impressed with Dr. Wunderlich. He has done a host of tests on me. I am awaiting the results and should have them this week. He encouraged me to continue with the Poly-MVA and the supplements I added. In addition he added DIM and Vascuzme. He also advised taking coffee enemas, adding more exercise to my daily routine, green juicing and changing my diet more than I already have done. I am now eating mostly fish, shellfish, lots of vegetables and low sugar fruits, and sprouted bread. After three weeks of making all these changes, I had another CT scan and tumor markers on Jan 14th. The CT scan remains the same - no change from a year and a half ago. My CA 27-29 was down from 30.6 to 15.8 and the Cea down from 2.0 to <.5. I feel great and am very happy with the results. I plan to continue on this new daily regime. Dr. Wunderlich told me the Poly-MVA is a wonderful product but it cannot be viewed as the magic cure if you do not make the necessary lifestyle changes to help it. I truly believe he is right. Taking the Poly-MVA was my first step to recovery but I needed to help myself with a commitment to lifestyle changes. I will see my oncologist in April at which time I will have markers done but no CT scan. I will let you know how I am doing at that time.

UPDATE June 1, 2004: Last update for me was in January of 2003. Since then I have been doing very well. I see my oncologist every three months for a check up and to have my tumor markers taken. For all of 2003 my markers, the CA 27-29, have been holding steady between 15.3 and 17. This year my insurance company has requested the marker be changed from the CA 27-29 to the 15-3. I understand they are very similar but the normal range is slightly different with the 15-3 giving a broader range. In January the reading was 22.3 and in March 17.3. I also had a CT scan of the thorax and adrenals in April. It had been 15 months since my last scan. The results were the same as the last scan in Jan of 2003 which means the results have been holding steady since October of 2001. I think that is phenomenal. Two small sacs still show at the same size (which were miniscule since Oct 2001) and everything else is exactly the same. My oncologist still feels the sacs have dead cancer cells in them and may never go away. I was elated with the results. I feel great, continue to take the Poly-MVA at maintenance dosage, and take all the supplements recommended. In February I found a new doctor who is a DO and uses the holistic approach to healing. She is in agreement with all the changes I have made over the last three years and encourages me to keep on making changes in my lifestyle for the better. She is monitoring the supplements I am taking and encourages me to continue taking the supplements as they are of excellent quality. I am now seeing her every two to three months and finally feel I have a doctor in addition to my oncologist to help me maintain my remission status."

- Claire Fenedick