Endometrial Cancer and Endometriosis Stories

"In May 2001, I had undergone a radical hysterectomy after being informed that a biopsy had revealed a tiny cancerous tumor in the endometrial lining. Unfortunately, although my surgeon had been highly recommended as chief of gynecological oncology at a major hospital, the surgery was not performed promptly as it should have been (I was forced to wait 6 weeks because he was going on vacation). Also, prior to surgery, I had been given a drug to prevent clotting which caused me to hemmorage severely and I almost didn't make it through the surgery. In any case, I was told afterwards that it was very likely that some cells were remaining and that I would need subsequent radiation treatments for 5 weeks. I was so sick and weak at the time that I resisted these treatments for several weeks. While I was in the hospital, I had met a nurse who told me about Poly-MVA. Her nephew was taking it and doing very well. I kept in touch with her and contacted Gary Matson sometime in June. I was quite frantic by that time and Gary was a virtual blessing. I started on Poly-MVA sometime towards the end of June or early July.

In August, I found another doctor to follow up with because I could not go back to the original surgeon who had treated me so badly. She examined me and observed something that concerned her. She did not think that it was cancerous because the cells were flaking off - something that she had never seen before. I think the flaking off was because the Poly-MVA was starting to help my body fight the cancer. The doctor sent a sample to the lab for analysis. The result indicated that cancer was present. As I had been warned, during surgery some of the cancer cells had escaped and I was not in the clear. It was decided that I would need five weeks of pelvic radiation followed by several treatments of brachytherapy. I was frightened and so followed this advice which has created horrible side effects in the cervical area. In total I had radiation treatments for 13 weeks because I was unable to endure consecutive daily treatments and it had to be extended with brief periodic interludes.

All during this time I persisted in taking my Poly-MVA although I was discouraged to do so by the doctors. I had read all the data regarding the supplement and how it works to help the body destroy the cancer cells as well as preventing new ones from forming. At this point I am considered to be in complete remission and in spite of great hardship to maintain it I continue to take 2 teaspoons a day. I am convinced that Poly-MVA has made the difference for me. It is a great breakthrough and if taken in time and in adequate amounts it does indeed keep cancer at bay. I feel that it has improved my chances for survival. If possible, I would like to continue taking it indefinitely.

I look forward to the day when Poly MVA is given full recognition by the medical profession and the FDA for its value in fighting cancer. My thanks to Dr. Garnett and Gary Matson for their great contributions. UPDATE June 23, 2010: I believe I am still around because of the benefits of Poly-MVA. I am still taking it on a regular basis and has actually increased my dosage as I am currently dealing with some stressful situations in my life."

- Esther Oransky

"I would like to thank you for the Poly-MVA! I have been suffering from endometriosis for many, many years. The disease has been quite extensive and has caused me so much pain. I've suffered from numerous endometriomas, one of which was the size of an orange! Due to so many surgeries and scarring, not to mention the continual growth of endometriosis, I now only have one ovary and fallopian tube left. I lost my left tube and ovary to this hideous disease. My doctor strongly suggested that I start taking a birth control pill and remain on it indefinitely to suppress the growth of the disease. Although my husband and I have been trying to become pregnant, I decided that I would take the pill for a few months to see if it helped with the pain. It helped a bit, but not much. My doctor told me that if I did not stay on the pill, the endometriosis would rapidly grow back and that I would suffer the consequences. He was right.

My mother, Linda Mays, met Roy McKeen from Garnett-McKeen Labs. He often spoke of the Poly-MVA and she wondered if it would help me with my endometriosis. I started taking one teaspoon, everyday. After a couple of months, I noticed that my menstrual pain had significantly decreased! I am no longer curling up in the fetal position, crying and in pain every month!

I recently went to the doctor for my annual check up. As you know, they can only see endometriosis through the laparoscope, but there was no sign of any endometriomas growing back when they performed the vaginal ultrasound! (And I am prone to endometriomas!) Most importantly, I feel like a normal woman again with a normal cycle. I am no longer afraid for my period to begin. This makes me believe that the endometriosis is gone! I wanted to share my story with you so that it may help other women who suffer from endometriosis. I am so grateful to you!

- Shirley Zeiler