Gardner's Syndrome Stories

"I had started on Poly-MVA approximately 3-4 months before I was accepted into the Poly-MVA Quality of Life study so I will start describing my experiences from the beginning of the study. About a week or so after I started, I was so achy and kind of sick, yet not sick enough to say I could not do things or go places. My body knew I was starting the detox process. Within a few weeks, the area around my lump started aching; it just felt like something was "eating" on it. It was soon after that I thought I could tell a slight difference in the size of it. I also realize that it could have been some inflammation in the lump. It has been a slow process but it seems the lump is still shrinking. I no longer have the major headaches! One thing that I did notice is that sometimes when it seemed the lump shrinkage was at a "standstill" I would play around with the amounts of Poly-MVA. Some days I would take 6 tsps, some days my regular 4 tsps, and some days 2 tsps. It seemed that this would "wake up" my body again. I am so thankful to have found a product that seemingly may help \significantly affect the Gardner's Syndrome condition (that the coventional medical world has told us there is nothing to do for except radiation or chemotherapy with hopes to stop the growth). Thank you again for allowing me to participate in this study!! Another note - I haven't gotten the horrible flu stuff and colds going around my area yet. Poly-MVA must be good for the immune system!"

- Lareeta