Welcome to the Poly-MVA Survivors website!

This site is dedicated to those individuals, and their families, who have beaten cancer and other degenerative diseases through the use of integrative approaches that included Poly-MVA. Thank you to all for sharing your experiences so that others may know about viable options for support of the body while facing significant health challenges. Countless individuals, integrative practitioners and nonprofit research organizations advocate for the use of these approaches, which can assist in winning the battle against disease and may also provide for a good and sustainable quality of life.


About Poly-MVA

Poly-MVA is a unique formulation of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to provide nutritional support to those dealing with cancer and other diseases, and may replace specific nutrients that may be depleted during certain therapies.
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Featured Poly-MVA Testimonials

"I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I had five chemotherapy sessions, consisting of six treatments each time, over five years. I started using Poly-MVA and liquid CoQ10. I noticed a significant increase in my appetite, energy level and ability to tolerate chemo treatments, while still maintaining excellent blood test results. I’ll continue to use Poly-MVA as long as I live! Thank you.
- Mary Luke

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"I started Poly-MVA when I was extremely weak and fatigued. After 3 days, I experienced a tremendous improvement. I had enough energy to eat and digest my food. To experiment, I went down to a lower dose for 5 days, and all my symptoms started to come back. I returned to a higher dose, and my energy returned, my mood was elevated, and my digestion and elimination started working better."
- Janis Bell, Ph.D., RYT, Dipl. Bal., B.N.

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