Liver Cancer Stories

"A friend, Jerry Vind, told me about Poly-MVA over a year ago, and how it helped him overcome cancer. It took me a while to order some, but I am very glad I did. My physical life and overall quality of life have improved, with more hope, energy and inspiration, and better health too. It is hard for me to gauge exactly the effect. My allopathic doctor just laughs at me when I mention Poly-MVA. I will not mention it again to her. If it were not for Poly-MVA I probably would not still be alive now. I had to have laser surgery on my liver almost 1 ½ years ago. My doctor is amazed that any sigh of cancer in my liver is gone. She had not expected that. However, I had a recent PET scan that revealed 2 tiny spots on my lungs. They can be taken care of with laser treatment, which I will do soon. I am a stage IV patient, so this was not a surprise, but I do feel the Poly-MVA is slowing things down considerably. There is always hope. I strive for as much of an alkaline diet as I can. That is hard to do. I am learning about balance and quality of life. Thank you for your helpful product. With love."

- C. Carrier

"On May 14, 2010, I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer had invaded my liver and esophagus. I had radiation treatment for about 2.5 months and about 6 weeks of chemotherapy. The doctor doing the chemo didn't set me up for anymore treatment. I heard about Poly-MVA thru David Bryant of Team Up Against Cancer at Phoenix 1st Assembly. I started Poly-MVA. Since then, I have felt strong and with plenty of energy, I have never had to rely on anyone to do my chores. Since I've been taking Poly-MVA my liver and esophagus are free of cancer. My CEA blood test was 5.8 on the last test. It's been coming down from 16.8 when I first started Poly-MVA. The goal is to be at 5.0 CEA. I strongly recommend the Poly-MVA supplement to anyone with cancer."

- John Martinez