Lung Cancer Stories

"I was diagnosed with lung cancer in Oct 2004. Upper partial left lobe was surgically removed early Nov 2004. One of our physicians, Dr. Robert D. Milne, strongly recommended that I start using Poly-MVA, which I did. Using a dose of 2 tsp, 3 times a day. I also underwent a 12 dose regimen of chemo. While the dosage has been reduced I continue the usage of Poly-MVA and remain cancer free. In addition, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with liver and bladder cancer in Jan 2010. We forwarded a supply of Poly-MVA, which he takes in addition to a very rigorous chemo regimen. He reported to us 2 weeks ago that his doctors had told him that no sign of the tumor were evident on his latest scan. Go Poly-MVA!"

- Stephen J Barry

"I started attending Phoenix First Assembly in January of 2010, and a couple of Sundays later I heard a message preached by Pastor Barnett about the importance of faithfully tithing to the Lord. In May 14, 2010, I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and started radiation oncology on May 22, 2010. I also had six sessions of chemotherapy with the last treatment on July 16, 2010. After this session of chemo I did not hear from my oncologist for about 2 1/2 months. When I was finally contacted the doctors they told me the cancer had spread to the esophagus and the liver and they felt I was beyond hope. They gave me a copy of my CT scan and sent me home. The only thing that could help me was a miracle from God.

During the time I was ill and could not attend church I still mailed in my tithe. One day in July I sent a letter with my tithe asking the church for prayers. Pastor gave the letter to Pastor Saeed who gave it the people at TEAM UP! Against Cancer. They came to see me, prayed with me, provided information on available resources and encouraged me to attend the Tuesday night Prayer Meeting at PFA. I started faithfully attending church, the TEAM UP meetings, the prayer meetings and sitting in the circle of prayer on Tuesday nights believing for my healing. During that time I gave my CT scan to the people at TEAM UP, and they had a doctor read the scan. He confirmed it was 'stage IV lung cancer with metastasis to the liver, esophagus ('I don’t know how he can eat'), the spine and most likely the brain' – and added, 'He needs a miracle.' I asked David Bryant what else could I try and he researched and found a support product called Poly-MVA. We contacted the people at Poly-MVA who referred us to Dr. Charles Baughman, a doctor in Peoria, Arizona, and I started on the product on November 17, 2010. The approach was IV infusion of Poly-MVA three times a week and 8 teaspoons of Poly-MVA liquid orally daily. Dr. Baughman also suggested a specific dietary and supplemental program to go along with the Poly-MVA.

When I started on this approach my CEA blood profile was 16.8 (normal is 4.3 to 5.0). I had faith and God started His work on me; my CEA profile level has come down to 5.7 with our goal being 5.0. On May 8, 2011, the doctors did a pulmonary procedure on my lungs and took some scar tissue from the lung and ran several tests and they all came back 'Negative.' I had tests in September of 2011 which proved my liver, esophagus, spine and brain are cancer free and there is no presence of cancer anywhere else in my body. It has been 6 months since my last tests and I am still cancer free. I give praise and thanks to my God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for my miracle for my healing!"

- John Martinez , Cancer Survivor

"In Feb 2006, I was diagnosed with inoperable stage 3B lung cancer. As a nonsmoker and registered nurse I felt I was living a healthy lifestyle. I was given 4-6 months to live and encouraged to get my affairs in order. A doctor friend interested in integrative medicine and research started me on a supplement plan while I was receiving chemotherapy. The goal was to enhance the effectiveness of the chemotherapy. The fatigue associated with cancer and its treatment is very debilitating. The strength would drain from my body and I felt as though if I didn’t lie down I would fall down. My doctors suggested I try Poly-MVA and within weeks I had increased energy and felt strong for periods of time during the day. My strength continued to improve and before long friends and family were telling me how healthy I looked. In Feb 2011, I passed the five-year mark and am grateful to Poly-MVA for restoring my health."

- Mary Ellen Elizabeth

"I have been in the Fire Service for 36 years. My story started like most others. One morning I woke up and passed blood - no urine, just blood. I went to an emergency room. They looked at the blood and said it was kidney stones. I still thought it odd but I went to work and started my shift. Within a few hours, the pain was unbearable. I was transported to the ER (another one) by my crew. Within minutes, my world was shattered! The ultrasound showed a 7cm tumor in my left kidney. I had cancer. I went through a number of CT and PET scans to determine if it was cancer - all of the scans were positive for cancer. My options were limited, so I had the kidney removed in December 2003. Then I was told there was only one reasonably proven treatment that showed promise in 7% of the people, or I could get in a trial study using an unproven man-made DNA. I went for the trial drug with nothing to lose. Through this I had regular scans; they were showing a reduction in the size and number of the tumors. My last scan after the treatment showed that the tumors were gone.

In October 2005 they found a spot on my liver. It was surgically removed and turned out to be dead cells. In July 2007 a scan showed a large nodule that had grown in my right lung. We waited for 2 months and had another scan. This one showed an additional nodule in my right lung and another large one in my left. With this report, I contacted someone I knew with RCC in remission and asked what he was taking. He indicated he was taking Poly-MVA. I bought an extra bottle he had and started at 8 tsp a day. I called AMARC and talked to Gary Matson, who was able to assist me in setting up a proper dose, start using Coq10 and answered all of my questions. I took the Poly-MVA for 3 weeks before my surgery to remove the nodule in my left lung. The pathology came back as dead cells, no evidence of cancer. I had a scan 8 weeks later and it showed one of the nodules in the right lung stable and the other one gone. The only change was taking Poly-MVA. My oncologist does not have an explanation for this but I do! The people with Poly-MVA have been incredible, passionate, and very knowledable - without them I am sure I would not be working in the Fire Department today. They put their hearts in what they do and help save lives everyday! Thank you all!!

- John Fox

“I am a stage 1 lung cancer patient. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in September, 2008. My 'treatment' was simply a surgical lobectomy of the lower lobe of my right lung. 'Standard of care' oncology did not recommend any further treatments. I wanted to do something to hopefully contribute to staying healthy and not having my lung cancer recur. In October, 2010, I began using Poly-MVA (and other related supplements), taking 2 teaspoons 1 time a day as a maintenance dose. I have had repeated scans since my surgery, and I remain cancer free. I will never really know how the combination worked, but I am healthy. I cannot absolutely say that Poly-MVA is the 'cause' of my remaining cancer free. But, I AM cancer free and have received no other treatments. Poly-MVA gives me peace of mind that I will remain cancer-free for many more years.”

- Richard Jones

"In May 2009, I developed DVTs in my left leg, which then traveled to my lungs. This is called pulmonary emboli, or PT. A followup CT scan to the lungs revealed a 2cm tumor with lymph node involvement to the upper RT lobe. I did not have any other symptoms. I was immediately put on Coumadin therapy, which later proved to be a failure. In July 2009, a biopsy was done at our local hospital. The tumor was an adenocarcinoma. We met with the local oncologist the following day for consultation. The oncologist told us that the survival rate for advanced lung cancer was about 10-15% over 5 years. He then continued to tell us that chemotherapy and radiation were the only way for me at this time. He said that nutrition, supplements, and prayer would not make a difference. This was very disturbing information and was not acceptable to my way of life and thinking.

With this information in hand and being in a state of shock, we decided to research alternative cancer treatments. I was able to find on the internet a Dr. James Forsythe, MD, who is an oncologist and homeopathic doctor. This appealed to me because I am a nurse, and have always been in health education and teaching. Dr. Forsythe's clinic is the Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, NV, not too far from our Napa Valley home. We immediately conacted the clinic and moved into an apartment for the next 3-4 weeks, during the latter part of July into AUgust, 2009. I was given all the treatments that Suzanne Somers describes in her interview with Dr. Forsythe in her latest book, Knockout. It was at the clinic that I was introduced to Poly-MVA, the German Blood Test, salicinium, and many important supplements to help the liver and the immune system. I also found out that my Vitamin D levels were 23ml.

During the summer, I continued to have problems with blood clots or thrombosis in my legs but the doctors were not concerned because my Coumadin levels were where they needed to be. On Labor Day weekend, I ended up in our local hospital with blood clots (pulmonary emboli) in all but one lobe of my lungs. This was caused, they believed, by the active lung tumor. This time another oncologist met with us and we then decided to do the radiation treatments (33) and 7 chemos. The oncologist agreed to use the recommendations from the German Blood Test. The German Blood Test determined which chemotherapy would work best with my genetic make-up. I was then considered a Coumadin failure, and put on an injectible heparin-type anticoagulant called Lovenox. This has made all the difference in my life. Thank goodness for modern medicine. The treatments of the chemo and radiation went much better than I had expected. I did not lose any of my hair, nor have very little burning of the esophagus. I did and still have a cough from the effects of the radiation therapy which they say will eventually get better. During this time I continued the supplement program per Dr. Forsythe's recommendations, including Poly-MVA.

In January, I had a CT scan which showed a 2cm lesion on the liver, which they "thought" was not there before, so they called it a continum from the original lung cancer. This was very disturbing to me so I called Dr. Forsythe, and also sent him copies of the scan. He was very happy to see how well I had done on the scans and did not feel the liver lesion had anything to do with the liver cancer. He told me to call him anytime I had concerns. This was such a relief to all of us. The local oncologist started me on Tarceva, an oral non-chemo pill. I again had very little side effects from this agent. In March, the latest blood tests, CEA and CA 125, were normal for the first time, and the subsequent CT scans taken last week showed that the lesion on the liver has disappeared. The original tumor and lymph nodes continue to get smaller.

The doctors here do not say that I am "cancer free," but they say this is as good as it gets. I feel very good, continue to do water exercises 4-5 times a week, take my Poly-MVA, keep my Vitamin D3 levels high, and continue many of the supplements I was started on at the Reno clinic. I do not believe that any one thing has been the answer for me, but the combination of alternative and conventional medicine has been very instrumental in my recovery so far. I am very humbled by this experience and have learned many lessons of love, prayer and faith. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and family and many great spiritually-minded friends."

- Bonnie Johnson

"I am now 3 years clear of lung cancer! I do get nervous when its time for the PET scan and blood test. I think all cancer survivors feel the same way. Lung cancer is one of the few that you can survive - provided you are smart in your approach. When I was told I had a mass in my lung, the first thing I did when I returned home was to look into options for supporting my body - and found Poly-MVA. I had to see an oncologist and I really thought that when I explained everything to him about Poly-MVA, he would understand that it might help me be healthier. Guess what? Not only did he not understand, he told me he would not allow me to take Poly. In fact, he would only allow me to take chemo and/or radiation. Can you imagine someone telling you that you can't do something to save your life?! We kind of argued without an argument - you know, agree to disagree - sooo I just said to him, "Why don't I just take the PET scan and then we can talk about this?" And he agreed!

When I left him, I called a very well-known integrative doctor on the west side of town (my town being the Las Vegas area). He gave me the name of an oncologist and surgeon who were/are supportive of and knowledgable in the use of supplements, including Poly-MVA. Well, at that point I had stage 2.8 lung cancer with 4 lymph nodes - 1.9, 1.5, 1.4, 1.4. The lung cancer had 2 cancers in one tumor (Bronchoalveolar and Adeno Carcinoma). My oncologist told me that about 2% of the population had two in one tumor. It seems as though I was always in the 2% category of whatever happens.

As soon as the Poly-MVA arrived - along with COQ10, Liver Support, Calcium, and an immune booster - I spoke with Gary Matson, and that started our long-standing relationship, so far. Gary introduced me to my Poly-MVA friend, Marylin, and together we struggled thru the time element of taking Poly-MVA, even getting up during the night to make sure it was every so many hours. It was worth every minute because in 3 months, the stage 2 cancer was down to stage 1.9, and of the 4 nodes, the 1.9 was 1.4, the 1.5 was 1.2, and the other 2 were normal. It was then that I had the surgery. I must mention that my oncologist was obligated to tell me about chemo. The chemo he wanted me to take - Arissa - was taken off the market 2 months later for causing several deaths. Now he just says, 'Keep doing what you have been doing.' Sooo, here I am 3 years later - my blood reading is the lowest it has been, and the PET scan is as clear as a bell ! Thank you again and again for the PolyMVA.

UPDATE August 30, 2009: Well I just gotta tell you all how happy I am!! I had my 5-year (lung cancer) PET scan and am free of cancer for 5 years!!! Five years - no conventional therapies but lots of Poly-MVA for energy and support. That's as good as it gets!!! I always tell any doctor who I come in contact with that I have had lung cancer and didn't take chemo or radiation and that I am still cancer free for 5 years. They look at me like I am from another planet, and just smile and say nothing. My former broken ankle is healing well. I will try my bowling skills today, and see how that will go because bowling starts very soon. I broke my ankle last October - thanks to my dogs. - but I still love them. Nothing changes that. I am back to working out at the gym because being confined to a wheel chair for three months with the ankle problem really did a number on me. I couldn't go to the gym for several months but now I feel wonderful. I am hoping that all of you have the same good fortune and you all will be/are cancer free and have an excellent report. Poly-MVA can help! Hugs to all."

- Ronny Rudley

"In 1997 I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Lung Cancer. During surgery, the doctor removed my right lung, part of the lining of my heart and a 5cm tumor. There was residual cancer left on my heart, which was inoperable. I was given eighteen months to live. I chose not to be treated with the conventional radiation and chemotherapy. I decided instead, to go to San Diego to the Livingston Foundation Medical Center, where I was treated with vaccines in an alternative immunotherapy program. Needless to say, the treatment was successful. It's been eight years since the surgery and in those eight years I am still in the vaccine. Each year I send a fluid specimen to the lab and from that they gather the culture to make the vaccines specific to me. Over a year ago, I found Poly-MVA and have been using it since. Last year, when I called the lab because my immune antigen was late getting to me I was told that it was difficult for them to gather the bacteria to make it and they asked me if I was was taking Poly-MVA. I would recommend this product for preventative and daily support measures and/or energy and support if someone has cancer. I would be more than happy to tell my story anywhere or anytime. Thank you Poly-MVA for making my life a little more secure."

- Michael Dresser, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

"I am a 60-year-young woman that started smoking when I was 14/15 years old. I smoked until I was 36 years of age. I had developed high blood pressure and thought if I quit smoking it would help stop the blood pressure problem; it didn't. My husband still smoked in the house. I was diagnosed with cronic obstructive pulmanary disease in 2000 after having bronchitus two years in a row around the same time of the year. The doctor put me on inhalers for this. I was on these for 4 years before I had a breathing problem that caused the doctor to take a chest x-ray. She was looking for pneumonia and thought the x-ray was good. But the radiologist found the shadow that proved to be stage 4 lung cancer that had mestasized to the liver and the adrenal glands. The oncologist stated I had 6 to 9 months to live if I did nothing, or a year or a little more if I did the chemotherapy - which I did. I did get sick, lost my hair and became very weak. I had a flu shot the first part of October and a day or two later I became very weak and breathless. We all thought I was having a reaction to the flu vaccine, but nobody checked anything.

Eventully my oncologist thought I should have a heart checkup and we found that I had had two heart attack. The first one I never knew about but the back right part of the heart muscle is dead and does not beat. At first they said the attacks were from my high blood pressure and NOT from the chemotherapy, but later the oncologist stated we couldn't do anymore chemotherapy because of what it had did to my heart. We were in a holding pattern waiting for my strength to build up. I didn't like not doing anything so on Oct 23,2004 I started taking the Poly-MVA at 8 teaspoons a day for support. My sister had taken me earlier to see Dr. Mary Schrick, and had me tested and bought the supplies for me. But my doctor said I should not take this with the chemo ( I now wish I had earlier!). I refused to start up the chemotherapy again. By Thanksgiving I was feeling good enough to fix the meal and by Christmas I was like a new woman. In Feb I had a chest x-ray and they didn' t see anything, so we had a PET scan done two weeks later and the nurse was so excited she had goose bumps as she said there is nothing on the liver and nothing on the adrenals and the place on the lung is only 2cm. in size where it had been 3 inches in size.

I feel great and have energy to climb the stairs to get to my Sunday school class. I could ride the elevator but why when you feel good enough to climb the stairs! I thank my heavenly Father for His miraculous healing and for the Poly-MVA that helped my body do the healing. And oh, yes I just joined the Poly-MVA group on Yahoo."

- Freda Amway

"In April 2005, I began having pain in my back of my left arm making it hard for me to do things. I had x-rays of my spine. The report was normal, but everything wasn't ok because they didn't x-ray where the problem was. After my normal report, I went to a chiropractor for 11 treatments which didn't help. In May my doctor ordered a bone scan (MRI) which revealed a compression fracture of the T4 vertebrae. They said it was blown and they had never seen anything like it before. On June 10th I was scheduled for an injection of spine cement to stabilize the vertebrae but it was cancelled when they found a nodule in my left lung. They then admitted me into Integris Baptist Hospital. After all kinds of tests I was told I had stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. What a surprise. Never smoked a day in my life. I was sent home on June 18th after 8 days in the hospital. On my way home I had my sister take me by to purchase Poly MVA. I had heard Dr. Mary Schrick for several years praise the effectiveness of Poly-MVA, and I thought if ever had cancer, that's what I would take to help support my body. I am now on my 62nd 8oz. bottle. My oncologist recommended I take 10 radiation treatments on my vertebrae, which I did start taking a chemo pill called Jarceva, which wouldn't have a curative effect. It was to relieve symptoms only.

While in the hospital we arranged with a home health care agency to assist my husband who needed care. A man named Isaac came. On his 2nd visit he told my husband that he thought I looked worried, asked if he could pray for me. Of course I said yes. He prayed with such anointing I knew he was God-sent for both of us. He asked if he could bring his sister, Ann, to pray for me the following Sunday afternoon. She said to 'not believe everything the doctors told me.' She began with pointing a finger in the air towards the carpet like she was outlining a grave a said I 'wasn't going there because I was being healed.' She then prayed for my husband and told him 'he wouldn't have any more fear,' because he 'wasn't going to lose his wife.' I was on prayer claims from Okla. City to California to the Garden of Gethsemane in the Holy Land, where I was prayed for under an old olive tree.

On August 29th 2005. I had a CT scan. The report said I was stable, nothing worse. The doctor looked surprised that I wasn't more excited, but I was expecting improvement then. I had to wait a little longer, 2 months longer. On Nov. 9th I had a PET scan. The doctor called me personally the next day and said the 'cancer was gone - all clear.' Praise the Lord! As I was telling my husband the good news, our doorbell rang. It was our pastor and we all rejoiced together. That was a God thing for him to appear at that very moment. After this exciting news our daughter told me two doctors had told her I 'had less than 8 months on a year to live.' I hadn't heard that and it was good I hadn't. I guess the Lord shielded me from the full realization of what lay before me because I didn't give it a second thought that I might die. I couldn't remember a time in my life that I didn't believe in healing. God could heal me as easily as he could bestow upon my salvation for my soul and that's what he did. God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. On July 11th 2006, I had a CT scan and a whole body scan. The report was too exciting for words - 'NO CHANGE.' I am blessed of the Lord. Exodus 23:25: 'Serve the Lord and healing will be yours.' Isaiah 53:5: 'By his straps we are healed.'"

- Bonnie D. Brooks