Lymphoma Stories

"My son's name is Burt, and at 24 years old he was diagnosed with lymphoma (in April of '99). The doctors gave us assurance that if you had to have cancer this was the one to have, because it is curable. Of course as you all know that word is something you hope of never hearing - especially your own son, who has always taken care of himself by watching what he would eat and working out at the gym 6 days a week. He was very dedicated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At this time Burt began chemotherapy (CHOP), then radiation treatments. In October of '99 everything worked out just like the doctor had told us it would. In January of 2000, Burt was scheduled for a follow up CT scan. The news was now he had enlarged lymph nodes in his stomach also chest. The first thing they shared with us was that regular chemo did not work. They said he should be admitted to the hospital for high-dose chemo. My son at this time spoke with his doctor. He did not agree with what the doctor was telling him, and at this time decided he would explore other approaches.

We did a lot of research only to find Poly-MVA. This is an answer to our prayers. Burt continued taking care of himself, and today has no sign of any enlarged lymph nodes in his stomach and the one in the chest has decreased in size. Thanks to God! Burt is the owner of a landscaping company, and has never missed a day operating his business. He also still works out 6 days a week and lives a healthy vibrant life."

- Barbara Grice

"In October 2003, I developed a right side neck lymphoma - with the following size: 27/16/19 mm. I had the extraordinary luck to hear about Poly-MVA and its potential benefits through my son, Mr. Valentin Stoev, Diplomat at the UN, New York. He sent me some of the product. I started taking it, and my lymphoma decreased to 13/7/8 mm. I find it difficult to express my happiness though ordinary words concerning the benefits I received from the Poly-MVA supplement. I would like to express my extreme gratitude for your work directed at the well-being of people around the world. Warmest regards from me and my husband."

- Sevetlana Ribarova, MD and Stoyan Stoev, MD

"I’ve been on Poly MVA for a year and a half for MALT Lymphoma in the stomach. My last blood results in November showed that I am in complete remission. The doctor said I am doing well so I will continue to use the Poly-MVA. I am glad to be participating in the Poly-MVA Quality of Life Study."

- Christine Christie

"On 12/26/96 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the neck. I am under the care of Dr. Mark Zimmerman to the present time. I have also been diagnosed with skin lymphoma in the upper back and was treated with Rituxan; six treatments one time a week in 2002. In 2004, a biopsy was done for the 2nd time and Dr. Zimmerman repeated Rituxan for the 2nd time in using four treatments one time a week. On 3/23/06, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer by Dr. R. Krou. I started radiation treatment on 7/10/06. I had 33 treatments. I went for seeds transplant in Nyack hospital 9/28/06. I have taken Poly-MVA for many years and am still taking it as of this date 3/14/07 along with my medications and other supplements. I have all the confidence that the Poly-MVA is helping me."

- Albert Yomtov