Melanoma Stories

"I have malin metastatic stage 3 cancer. I have had four cancer operations since 2006. It is possible that perhaps the Poly-MVA helped support my body to help keep the cancer in place but then it would reappear in a year. So I added N Tersse graviola. Then another spot came and I had another operation. I was already a vegetarian with no sugar. I am now a vegan. I use no sugar and no white flour. I do the syrup and baking soda every couple of months for about 2 weeks. In between I take 1/2 tsp baking soda in orange juice every morning. This keeps my pH at 7.0. In October I had a head-to-toe PET scan which showed no hot spots. I continue to use Poly-MVA, graviola and the syrup baking soda diet. I realize I am fighting for my life so I continue to research."

- Beverly Andrews

"I feel that the Poly-MVA has certainly helped support my body so that it could help itself with my condition. I have had excellent results from the time I first started integrating it in 2004. I continue to use Poly-MVA. The Clark’s level 4 melanoma cleared up; I see my dermatologist every six months for a biopsy and there has been no recurrence of the melanoma. I spoke to Dr. Llamas and it was suggested that I increase my vitamin D3 and my liquid CoQ10 (and to take the CoQ10 with Poly-MVA). I continue to see my dermatologist and I feel that the supplement recommendations have helped support my body so that there continue to be no lesions or spots. I am very tickled and thrilled. Taking the Poly-MVA has been so worth it. Overall I feel it is an excellent product!"

- James Mitchell