Multiple Myeloma Stories

"When I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in June 2009, my husband began to research integrative treatments and learned of Poly-MVA. So I began my chemo (Velcade) treatments twice a week in July 2009, I also began taking 8 tsp of Poly-MVA each day. I believe the Poly-MVA helped me through the chemo. Many people have said I looked great and did not look sick at all. By mid September 2009, my doctor reduced my treatment to once a week. I kept this regimen until mid February 2010; my doctor began reducing the strength of my chemo doses during this time. I continued taking 8 tsp of Poly-MVA each day. Every blood test I had during this time was very good and I never missed a treatment. Since February 2010, I have been on regimen of chemo every 3 months. I continue to take 8 tsp of Poly-MVA daily and I feel it has kept my immune system strong and helped my body fight the Multiple Myeloma. I am very grateful that my husband found Poly-MVA."

- C.H.

"After a period in which I lost 25 pounds in about 2 months, and was feeling tired all the time, I went to see my family doctor in July of 2009 with blood test results. He didn’t like what he saw, and referred me to an oncologist. After more blood tests, a bone marrow biopsy, and X-rays, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Multiple Myeloma in January of 2010. The oncologist gave me the “most likely scenario” of 6-9 months - then I would need to take Revlimid, then about 6 months later a possible stem cell transplant. I did not like what I was hearing, so I talked to some folks and checked the internet to find out more about MM. A friend of mine had been told about Poly-MVA and suggested I look it up on the internet. I called Gary Matson and we talked about my situation and the role Poly-MVA might play. When he told me the cost for his recommendation, I got myself back up on my chair, and said 'Can I get back to you on that?'

My first shipment of Poly-MVA arrived in March of 2010. For the next two years, up to and including the current time frame, I have taken/take the recommended amount. During all this time, of course, I was visiting my oncologists every three months, or more often, depending upon their schedule. During that period, I had more, X-rays, and MRIs and CT scans. Prior to each visit I was getting blood drawn for testing to the necessary parameters to determine the status of my condition. It must have been about November 2010, that, because of my research on the internet, I also cut way back on any sugar intake (cancer loves sugar). I found that you can’t cut back 100% on sugar, since most foods have some. My 'numbers' stayed steady, out of spec, but steady for the past two years – no Revlimid, no stem cell transplant. About 6 months ago both my oncologists agreed that I should have gotten worse, but didn’t, so they changed my diagnosis from Stage 1 to “Smoldering” Myeloma. They couldn’t/wouldn’t say why I was so steady and not getting worse, but they did say, “Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop.” So I won’t. I told them I was taking Poly-MVA, and they asked for more info in it. I referred them to the website."

- James Swelgin

"My experience with Poly-MVA has been very positive. I actually heard about the product years ago in a newsletter from Dr. Sinatra. I started taking it, but only small amounts at that time since I did not have actual myeloma, only the markers for it. In July 2005 my lab tests came back positive for Multiple Myeloma. Because of a family commitment, I did not start treating until February 2006. I was put on Melphalan and Prednisone. I did a series of cycles along with Zometa. My proteins came down and my oncologist took me off all cancer meds for a number of months. The only side effects I have ever encountered are foot neuropathies and fatigue. There was no hair loss and no nausea. When my proteins started to go up again, I went back on chemo, this time Velcade and Decadron. I had been on that for a number of cycles, and since last May, I have once again been off all cancer meds. My oncologist does not say I am in remission, but does say I’m pretty stable. Every six months I have bone marrow punch, full body x-rays, 24 hr urine drop and blood work. When I am in treatment, I have lab work weekly, I will see my oncologist in early February and at that time he may put me back on chemo depending on my tests. This time it will still be Velcade, but by injection once a week. I use Poly-MVA daily and can’t imagine going without it. My family and I believe, even though the cost is high, that Poly-MVA has saved me from serious side effects and very possibly helps keeps my myeloma in check. Thank you Poly-MVA."

- Betty Grainger

"I feel that Poly-MVA has given me a feeling of good well-being within a few days. I took Poly-MVA for over 6 months. I had severe nerve damage. I got to a point that I could not walk and went to the emergency room. I went through this in 1991, had nerve damage then but was able to stop it by having radiation and changing my diet. The nerve damage was nowhere near as severe this time and it took years to heal. That is why I strongly feel that Poly-MVA has really helped support me to keep my body healthy - and I continue to do well. The AMARC staff has always been very helpful and Poly-MVA is great stuff; I highly recommend using the product. I believe Poly-MVA has kept me strong. The doctors don’t understand how I have kept going so long. I believe Poly-MVA is a large part of what is keeping me going and supporting my body’s healing. I also take vitamins and eat a very clean, healthy diet."

- Larry Moore

"I was diagnosed with end stage multiple myeloma in October 2007. I began chemo in November and had a stem cell transplant in February 2008. I slowly recovered strength and energy. In March 2010 lab test began to show a rise in cancer protein in blood and urine. My doctors were encouraging another stem cell transplant, but I felt I would rather take my chances with cancer rather than go through recovery of another stem cell transplant when stats showed I could expect even a shorter period of health than before. I did not feel like it was worth the time it took to recover since I was still feeling good. I started doing a little research on my own and Poly-MVA and related other recommended nutritional and detoxification supplements seemed like the best support approach method I could find but the cost was prohibitive. So I kept reading and talking to others about methods perhaps less expensive to help my body fight the disease and not tear down the healthy cells in my body. But Poly-MVA and related just kept coming to my attention. I didn’t actually start it until September 2010; at which time my oncologist insisted I must take chemo at least. I did not want to start chemo because it made me feel so bad. I wanted to just try Poly-MVa, etc. He would not consent. I considered removing myself from his care and proceeding against medical advice. I began to use Poly-MVA for its nutritional support and as an integrative approach to health. I wanted to maintain my health so that my body could prevent the side effects of chemo as it has the tendency to protect my good cells and aid the liver to get rid of all the cancer cells the chemo was killing more quickly. My body responded well and it worked that way.

My oncologist told me when I started chemo again I would be on maintenance chemo for the rest of my life. But the Poly-MVA and related supplements approach was keeping me from being as sick as I had felt before so I thought I could follow his advice for a while at least. As months went by, the cancer protein lab test started coming down to normal range. My oncologist warned me to not get my hopes up. It would never be 0. But by March of 2011 their test could not detect the cancer protein. The test had the same results in June and the oncologist agreed to let me discontinue chemo. September's results were still negative for the cancer protein. I will be tested again this month and I assume every 3 months thereafter. I had a wonderful summer (except for a car accident which slowed me down a bit)! Even though I did feel better on chemo this last round that originally, I really dreaded the thought of continuing for the rest of my life because the steroids they gave along with it made me very nervous with sleep difficulties and fatigue. But the oncologist predicted that chemo or another other stem cell transplant were the only treatment options when he started it in September 2010. He has no faith in other options.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience utilizing Poly-MVA and other helpful supplements. I have several loved ones who are battling cancer now, but I have not been able to convince them to try this approach. Their doctors, like mine, think there is no other way to fight except chemo, surgery or radiation. I am sorry that the quality of life studies are not taken more seriously in the established community."

- C.H.

"In June 2010, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (Smoldering). After all my lab tests and consulting with a specialist at the University of Chicago, my doctor said I didn't need any treatments as of now, because it was (smoldering) - just the beginning. I had a hard time trying to decide to do nothing, so after my own research and reading the book Knockout by Suzanne Somers, I chose to try the Poly-MVA for nutritional support of my body. I started in July 2010 and began the loading dose of 8 tsp a day. I had blood work done in Chicago every 2 months and my levels pretty much stayed the same over the last 6 months. I have reduced my dosage 4 tsp to now 2 tsp a day, my levels are stable and I have continued to have no other treatments. Poly-MVA has helped my energy levels, which really helped. I will continue taking Poly-MVA and will increase my dose if my levels get too high. I am not 100% sure of the Poly-MVA keeping my MM levels down, but I feel very positive it's helping. I'm feeling pretty good and positive and will not let this cancer get me. At 57 I want to enjoy my 2 wonderful children and grandchildren and be able to help my elderly parents. I've retired after 35 years of employment and am enjoying life to the fullest. I would recommend Poly-MVA to others! Thank you."

- D.D.

"I was fortunate enough to learn about Poly-MVA from one of my physicians who has been a doctor as well as a friend for over twelve years. I shared with him the fact that I have been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. He helped me in the past with personal as well as physical problems. Since I have been on chemo for over eight months, I have paid close attention to my own reactions to the medications. I have observed very few interactions between my various medications and Poly-MVA. Actually< I feel the Poly-MVA has enabled me to better tolerate the chemo. I have experienced very little dizziness, headaches and light-headedness. I have been able to maintain an active lifestyle. I still exercise both at home and the gym. I strongly recommend Poly-MVA as a vitamin supplement. This is a carefully manufactured product, which is well-balanced and helps a patient like myself continue to enjoy life while taking chemo."

- Harold L. Hopkins

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in November of 2005. I started treatment with Velcade and Dexamethasone. I experienced extreme leg pain and had trouble sleeping because of the Dexamethasone. During that period I stared on Poly-MVA for nutritional support. Later I was changed to Revlimid and still with the Poly-MVA. I have no pain and my ability to exercise and work daily have returned. I would like to know other people on the same protocol to see if their results are the same. Thank you."

- Larry Cunningham

"My brother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in November 2005 and in researching for answers for support of his body, our family was led to Poly-MVA. He is currently taking Revlemed and Poly-MVA and his numbers are improving. I consider myself a “Cancer Conqueror,” being 6 years cancer-free from colon cancer in May 2006. I decided to take Poly-MVA for daily support and as a preventative measure. My energy is great, I feel wonderful and I am using Poly-MVA to support continued health. I appreciate AMARC Enterprises and the wonderful work they are doing to support people facing various health challenges; they are always friendly and supportive. I especially appreciate Dr. Llamas and his willingness to answer all my questions. His kind supportive words have been most helpful. Thank you!! UPDATE Sept 2009: My brother has faithfully taken the Poly-MVA since my last report. His M Spike Protein continued to drop while on the Poly-MVA and finally reached 0 01-07-08 and has remained at that level since that time. He no longer requires chemotherapy and is doing very well. He continues his use of Poly-MVA. My husband and I continue taking it as a preventative measure. My husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with a Gleason Score of 8 (March 2007). The doctor wanted to perform surgery, however, we opted to continue with a holistic approach including Poly MVA and other natural methods. He is doing very well - has lots of energy, is able to work full time and enjoy life, with NONE of the side effects common with traditonal medical procedures (incontinence, impotence, etc.) Dr. Llamas has been most helpful in our journey to wellness and we are very thankful for him and the entire staff at AMARC. Thank you for all your support and for making Poly-MVA available."

- Marilyn Watts

"I was diagnosed May 1, 2006 with Multiple Myeloma Stage III. X-rays revealed three fractures in the spine, lesions on the rib cage and upper arm bones. I was immediately admitted to the hospital. I began a chemotherapy, Decadron, Velcade and Doxorubicin combo, by IV, every four days. On the fourth day, I was released from the hospital. I had previously heard of Poly-MVA at a Cancer Control Conference seven years ago and I had a book about it. I called the telephone number in the book and on May 15, 2006, I met with Gary Matson. I then purchased Poly-MVA and began the daily approach. I had an initial IgG reading of 7369 and a B2m of 3.6. I experience muscle neuropathy after the first month, so they cut the chemo doses by 1/3 and the IV regimen to once weekly. The doctor recommended four months of chemo, followed by a bone marrow transplant. On July 31, 2006 I chose to stop chemo because my IgG had returned to normal range, as did my B2m. I continued with Poly-MVA August thru November. On November 14, 2006 my oncologist said I was in complete remission. I experienced no nausea, no vomiting and no hair loss during chemo. As of February 20, 2007 I am still in normal range on blood work."

- Doug Wray

"Yesterday my oncologist, Dr. Latta Subramanian of the Alaska Medical and Surgical Clinic, gave me the wonderful news that the results of the extensive lab tests taken last week showed "no measurable signs of multiple myeloma carcinoma" as confirmed by the absence of evidence of 1) protein in the urine and 2) irregularities in the lambda light chain. White blood count was 5,000; red cell blood count was 13,000, and one other measure was at 210,000 - all within normal limits. Dr. Subramanian said the change in the measures was dramatic since the condition was first diagnosed in April 1995 and re-tested in August 1995. The entire clinic was in a state of euphoria. My rejoicing was further enhanced by a call from Dr. Lillian Holeman and subsequently one from Dr. Roger Reichers of Vancouver, B.C. They were thrilled to hear of the rapid response to the support and energy of Poly-MVA that helped my body work toward total remission. Springtime speaks in many voices, praising God. I join that chorus in lauding you and Dr. Branigan as well for being on the cutting edge of science. I am eternally grateful. UPDATE April 18, 2001: I'm beginning my sixth year post-diagnosis. All tests show excellent health. I feel well, look fit, in fact, decades younger. Poly-MVA has been a part of my daily regimen, one teaspoon daily. I'm strongly feel it is a major factor keeping me in full remission. Many thanks! UPDATE March 3, 2002: I am beginning my 7th year in remission. I have no signs of any cancer and feel very well. I am very grateful and hope to carry on this way for many years to come."

- Margaret Fischer, Ph.D, J.D.

"My mom's neurologist discovered an abnormal M-protein in January, 2002, just before her 83rd birthday. It was 0.8, and her IgA was quite elevated. However, she wasn't having any "symptoms" and felt normal. Then, by July, 2002, it increased 50% to 1.2. Then they told her she had MGUS. By November, it was up another 50% to 1.9. We had been to the Cancer Seminar in September, 2002, where we found out about Poly-MVA and spoke with Ken Walker about what he had experienced with the Poly-MVA product. Several of the vendors there also told her to be sure to take addition to whatever they were selling! Mom decided to try it, and we ordered 6 bottles. She started around the first of October, so it had been three months since her last test. She started out at the recommended dose of 2 tsp four times a day, which she took for about 2 months. She was also on Coral Calcium, MGN-3 and Wobenzyme.

Well, she went back to her hematologist in January, 2003. When her test showed just 0.9 (a 50% decrease), her doctor looked at it in disbelief and called in a couple of interns to show them her results! He decided that it must be a mistake, so he had her take the test again. When the results came back, it showed 1.0. Her doctor had put her on one Zometa IV the month before, so he said he had never had the M-protein drop like that just from Zometa! Of course, my mom then told him that she was "doing something else," and produced the Poly-MVA bottle for him to look at. He first cautioned her about using anything with palladium in it (considered to be a heavy metal, but we later understood how it is bound and not a free metal), but told her to just 'keep doing what she was doing" since it seemed to be working for her. What else could he say when it cut her M-protein level by 50% in a month? She continued to take the PolyMVA, decreasing the dosage gradually as directed. The tests that she has had all during 2003 up till now in March, 2004, have all shown an M-protein level of 1.0-1.1. She has been taking 1 tsp of Poly-MVA twice a day for most of the past year. She rarely takes any of the other supplements anymore. Since she is on about 8 other medications, she is reluctant to take too much of anything, but she stays with her Poly-MVA!"

- Pat Nail

"I am a Multiple Myeloma Cancer Survivor!! On March 19, 2001, at the age of 67, my wife Deana and I were devastated by the news that I had only a short time to live. I was diagnosed as being in the latter stages of a rare form of bone marrow cancer, Multiple Myeloma. My oncologist informed us that there was no cure, only treatment - chemotherapy with all its dangerous side effects and Aridea infusions to strengthen and reduce bone pain. I chose to forego chemo, and take monthly infusions of Aridea. I also started on a very strict protocol I found through many hours of research to stop this cancer. From the beginning, I believed in my heart of hearts that somewhere or somehow something could be done to conquer this adversary cancer. Or was this only wishful thinking? And why was God allowing me to die prematurely? Was there a purpose in this? Maybe so, because a lot of good has come out of this ordeal. Our family of 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren have been being drawn closer together and our many Christian friends have poured out their love and prayed that I would be given more years on this earth to be with my family and friends.

By May, I was in really bad shape. My oncologist told me the 'cancer was ravaging my bone marrow.' My total protein was 12.3. My IGG serum was 7950. I had a monoclonal protein of 58.8 and 7.0 g/dl. I now had bone lesions in my head (holes in my skull) three broken ribs, cancer in my spine and was unable to get up from a chair without help. I was trying to sleep sitting upright in a motorized recliner, taking both pain and sleeping pills. I was told I only had about 3 months to live. It's now Nov. 27th 2001. All of my cancer markers have fallen to just slightly above normal. My oncologist told me this past week that if I was coming in for a first time visit, they would not suspect cancer. He asked me to document what I had been doing to bring on such 'fantastic results.' I have spent hundreds of hours researching for a natural answer. I have documented everything I have taken. I have hundreds of pages of information. I have come to the conclusion that the following are the primary reasons I am where I am today. They are listed in the order of their importance to me.

1. My Faith in a loving and merciful God. John 1:12 & Romans 10:9
2. Poly-MVA - Formulated by Dr. Garnett. Helps the body fight to destroy cancer cells without the side effects.
3. MGN 3 - Triples natural killer cells. Created by a Pharmaceutical Company, in Tokyo.
4. Dr. Hulda Clark Ph.D. 21-day protocol.

Note: If you desire further information on all the products I have been taking plus my exact approach I will be more than happy to e-mail the information to you. Remember do not give up - there is hope for you. My e-mail address is May God bless you in this battle.

UPDATE 6-11-02: It's hard for my family to believe that its been fifteen months since I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. And much harder to believe that in June of 2001 I was told I only had a few months to live. How wrong they were. It's very strange, but I feel better now than I have in years. My blood tests are all normal with the exception of my monoclonal which is only slightly raised. I only see my oncologist every two months. He told me "Whatever you're doing Ken, don't stop." Im so glad I didn't take his advise and go the chemo and radiation route. Our family continually thanks God for leading us to Poly-MVA. I was so skeptical at first but now am a firm believer. May God bless you for helping so many people."

- Ken Walker

"After reading some of the things others have gone through I feel very fortunate. I am a survivor of Stage III (end stage) Multiple Myeloma (Bone Cancer). Multiple Myeloma is one of a family of diseases known as Plasma Cell Dyscrasias or abnormalities in the blood. Myeloma is a cancer of the white blood cells or plasma cells. These plasma cells are a very important part of the immune system, which in turns helps the body fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. These plasma cells are found mainly in the bone marrow and develop from white blood cells called B-Lymphocytes. When these plasma cells go wrong it stops the bone marrow manufacturing red and white blood cells and all the cells needed for the immune system the "sick" plasma cells then form tumors known as Myeloma. Pain is so intense it cannot be described. I slept sitting in a chair for 2 months (before diagnosis) as I could not bear the pain of lying down on my side or back.

I guess my story started in 2003 when my husband became ill, was misdiagnosed and I had about 3 hours sleep a night for 3 months. He had diverticulitis, acute, with a bowel blockage, and the pressure caused extreme leg and back pain as it pressed on his femoral nerve. After finding the right doctor, he had 10" of his colon removed and was great. Unfortunately this long of a problem caused his heart to be irregular and we spent 6 months correcting that. It was a stressful time. I was bitten, during this time, by a brown recluse spider, and did not realize what it was and that went untreated till it became infected. (Look up the symptoms of a brown recluse spider bite and they are similar to multiple myeloma.) In April of 2004 the discomfort in my legs and back accelerated, but with my husband having to have a second surgery, I put it to the back of the burner. I also had to host a convention of 600 singers (my Sweet Adeline Regional Singing Competition came to Boise) - that is stressful. By September I could hardly move, constant pain, exhaustion, etc. In July and August I visited the doctor, and on my second visit the doc found really abnormal blood work but just 'kissed' it off as unkown. In September same result, only blood work was worse.

I had a long-time MD in Nevada so In October, when I had to get around on a rented mobile scooter. I went to see him and he immediately sent me to an oncologist in Idaho. While waiting, I yelled at my regular doc, and told him I was dying and needed a blood transfusion. His reply: 'I don't need another doctor telling me what to do!' I did get my blood transfusions and a week later met my oncologist, a lovely man named Dr Forsythe. He did a bone marrow test and told me I had cancer (Mulltiple Myeloma). I just sat there and cried. (I will add here I am a retired registered nurse. My last position was to work for a world-renowned oncologist and open a unit for him in a major hospital. I also gave lots of chemotherapy!) I agreed to have some radiation, only to relieve the pain. I was started on enough pain killer to knock out a horse and was still in agony. This was the last week in October 2004. I was admitted to the hospital the last couple of days of October as I was a little delirious at times, in total kidney failure and just a mess. Well, my dear husband had just been frantic over my diagnosis and turned to searching for help.

He had just signed up to receive an MD's natural healing newsletter - Dr Sinatra - and the following week the doc presented information about Poly-MVA. My husband ordered it by overnight mail and as I was leaving for the hospital he gave me 4 teaspoons twice. Then I had a bottle of Coca-Cola in the fridge (no, I did not drink sodas) and emptied it and filled the bottle with Poly-MVA. I put it in my purse and off I went. I was prodded, poked, x-rayed, I could not have any procedure where I had to lay down I was so bent, and had a fractured spine that bent me forward. I was hydrated with IVs and scheduled for dialysis. Then 24 hours later the doc took another test and noticed my kidneys were better, and decided to wait on the dialysis. Each day they got better (the fluids also helped). Then she said, "Why do you think your kidneys are improving?” and I said, "I don't know" but each hour I was awake I drank 2 – 3 tsps of Poly-MVA. Four days later I was sent home. They had already informed my husband I would not live, that I would not make it to Christmas.

At this point I could only walk with help, could not lift my arms, my legs were swollen to 3 times their size and I looked and felt like I was 100 - and I was a young 60 years old! When I went home in four days, the doctors were so surprised. I took the Complete Approach but mostly took the COQ10 and Poly-MVA. My nausea and vomiting was so severe I could not tolerate too many extra things. The radiation was a big cause of the nausea. Thanksgiving eve was the last time I had blood transfusions as I was starting to regain my bone marrow. The radiation nuked my white cells and platelets so I quit after 3 weeks and said NO MORE! I refused the chemo! The doc was not too happy but she knew who I had worked for and understood that I knew too much about chemo. There was no actual chemo that shows it works on Multiple Myeloma, at the time, even though chemo was used for many patients. Several drugs are now used mainly for MM but they only work for a short time. There is no cure for MM at this time. (2008)

I did not eat any sugar and lived on raw juice and cream soups. That was all I could keep down. I lost 60 lbs. (I was overweight but it was scary to have your clothes fall off of you!) Fear was a companion but with help I worked through that and I just knew I was going to get better. My Sweet Adeline group was a tremendous support every day! I did daily biofeedback and imagery. (That is where you see your cancer cells being eaten up and replaced by healthy cells and bringing in a golden or white light through the top of your head, and spreading it through your body. The cells you see being eaten up you send them to a place where they are destroyed.) Each month I improved and gained more mobility. The nausea and vomiting were the worst as It left me exhausted. The hospital personel, who were really good to me, had a big conference to put me on IV pain meds, but I told them that was only for dying people. You could just see the look on their faces: "Boy, is she in denial!"

Christmas Eve I was hospitalized with heart problems (a rate of 200). Turns out the radiation inflamed my heart so badly that it caused it to malfuction. I am still on heart meds but under control. I had some integrative therapy in January; this really gave me a boost, and I knew by spring I would be almost better. After 6 months of pain and suffering, thanks to what I believe was the support and energy of Poly-MVA, I started to get my strength back, feel better and my blood work greatly improved.(My oncologist still can't believe it.) In March my blood tests were normal, my HGB being the best it has been in 5 years. Yes making my own blood cells like crazy! (You could not test my cancer with blood work or markers, BUT only through A BONE MARROW TEST as I fell into an odd form of Multiple Myeloma. There was a theory that it was brought on from infection.) A Bone Marrow test in April of 2005 showed NO CANCER and the docs could not believe what they were seeing.

Now I did lose 6-8 of my thoracic spine discs to the cancer and lost 5 " in height.(I do not have osteoporosis.) When I was able to have an MRI in 2005 it showed cancer lesions still on my spine. By April of 2006 the lesions had disappeared. I still had problems with movement. In the fall of 2006 I went to Curves to try and get more mobility. It helped straighten me up and improved my movement greatly. I get checked every six months and at this time have no signs of my MM. I will not regain the mobility I had but I can walk by myself and sometimes need a light aid (cane). I still have trouble standing by myself. I travel and do what I want to. My doctor told me this week I am “disgustingly healthy” and she just cannot understand why I am alive. Hmmmm........ Healthy eating habits and exercise along with spiritual belief of some kind is essential to overcoming this type of illness. I am eternally grateful to my husband who nursed me night and day and got me through this. To the wonderful people who make the Poly-MVA available, thank you. Without the support of this supplement, I am sure I would not be writing this today. I am grateful to God for sparing my life.

UPDATE April 8, 2010: I am still cancer free but had a bump in the road in 2009. My gallbladder had been a "trial" for me all my life and it just kept getting worse. In April of 2009 my doctor was very unhappy with the state of my gallbladder and liver. He suggested I get the gallbladder removed as it was constantly being inflamed, infected and full of stones. I scheduled the operation and about a week before noticed my eyesight was difficult, then I had double vision and then headaches. I went ahead with the gallbladder operation, but 10 days later had an MRI as my face was so painful, it felt like a hundred knives were stabbing me. The MRI showed an unknown tumor in and near the sinus, unfortunately as so many cranial nerves were involved no biopsy could be taken. I had lost the sight of my right eye and the pain was intense. The radiologist had two opinions: 1) it may be the Multiple Myeloma returning or 2) it was a Sarcoma.

Treatment was started immediately. I had been on 1-2 tsps of Poly-MVA for maintenance, but due to my constant gallbladder infections, I believe my immune system suffered. I went on 8 tsps of Poly-MVA again and began 8 half dose radiations to my head. That was followed by 10 tumor-specific radiation tratments to my tumor area. It took about 2 months and then I just waited. By November the tumor was gone. I also took 1/4 dose dexamethasone for about 3 months - 10mgs I think. As I am so sensitive to drugs or radiation they have to cut everything down or I cannot tolerate it. I am on 4 tsps a day maintenance Poly-MVA and CoQ10 plus my other supplements. Here it is April 2010 and I am still cancer-free, doing well and moving about rather well. I wish all who read this to be encouraged. I have a blog where I give tips etc on how better to take care of ourselves."

- Janice Barsby