Multiple Sclerosis Stories

"(A letter to Lionel Glass, MD) Dear Dr. Glass,

I had the opportunity to re-evaluate your client, Mrs. Joan Tyler, on two occasions in September, 1996. She was first evaluated by me on March 21, 1991. Her condition was first diagnosed in 1989. The 1991 testing provides a baseline level of functioning and it is used to assess changes related to her multiple scloresis. Mrs. Tyler was very excited about being re-examined. She is now taking the supplement Poly-MVA. She said she, her husband and her doctors "know for a fact there are changes." She feels that her condition is much improved. She said that her memory was much improved, her speech was clearer and that she is emotionally stronger. She said that in recent years, prior to taking the Poly-MVA, she was much worse than when I first met her. She said that this past few years have been very difficult, stating, "I was in very bad shape."

In 1991, I was impressed by her enthusiasm, strength of character and warmth. These strengths were even more evident on the days I tested her this year. She was really excited about the Poly-MVA. She was hoping the test results would confirm the changes she was so optimistic about. The psychological testing shows that Mrs. Tyler's mental capacities have, in fact, improved since her last evaluation more than five years ago. She may not be at her premorbid level of functioning as of yet but she is now in the average range on almost every skill measured. Her scores, improved most in two tests of memory and one test of abstract reasoning. This was particularly encouraging. She complained most during the course of the first evaluation about memory problems. When one cannot rely on one's memory it is much more difficult to cope with the demands of everyday life. Now she is more confident in her memory and has reason for this."

- Steven Frank, Ph.D, Consulting Clinical Psychologist