Prostate Cancer Stories

"My elevated PSA reading began 1-14-96 through 2/14/96. From this date until 6/18/00 when I started Poly-MVA and the PSA lab results my battle with prostate cancer had ranged between 17.7 to 4.0. On 6/5/00 my PSA was 16.14. I started Poly-MVA 6/18/00, and my lab test result on 7/5/00 was 2.69, quite a rapid change. The next lab test results dated 8/3/00 were 1.01. The latest lab test results were taken 9/14/00 and my PSA was 2.00; this elevation was caused by not taking Poly-MVA for two weeks because of elevated pulse rates and a rash. The moral to the story is you have obviously found a very important product for supporting your body during cancer of the prostate. This is what I had been looking, hoping, and praying for, but never expected to see. Poly-MVA has supported me and helped me to escape the ravages of this horrible disease. I am thankful and grateful for the support given to me by Poly-MVA."

- James Pilley

"On December 11, 1998 I had a stroke that left me with paralysis of my right side. Although I haven't fully recovered from the stroke, I still can get around with a cane. Six months ago I developed terrible back pains that were so severe that I could not sleep in my bed. Instead I spent all night trying to sleep in a chair. As a result I was incapable of getting any rest. The pain was so severe that I finally went to a doctor, who diagnosed my ailment as cancer of the prostate (and the cancer had affected the hip bones as well). This was in September of 2001. The doctor suggested radiation treatments, removal of the prostate, chemotherapy, of which I refused all of them, but I finally settled for taking pain pills to minimize the pain. In November I received literature fon Poly-MVA, which showed some promise. Although the cited case history showed a reduction in PSA from 2 to less than 1, I decided to take a chance on trying it out. My PSA in September was 210, and by November it rose to 225. In January 15th, after taking Poly-MVA for two months, my PSA dropped to 5 and all my backaches disappeared. I am still taking Poly-MVA 4 times a day as suggested, and I will continue until it drops to less than 1 and then go on the maintenance amount. When the doctor saw the results he was utterly amazed and became a believer himself. I don't know how I can thank you for your very fine product."

- William Manos, PhD

"I wanted to let you know how much the product Poly-MVA has helped me. I have prostate cancer and my PSA was 13.6 when I heard about Poly-MVA. I was in bed about 20 hours each day and had no strength to hardly eat and get up to go to the restroom. One week after taking the heightened dose of Poly-MVA, I had the energy to get up each morning and put my clothes on and do a few things to help around the home. My PSA is now down to 4.0 and I am confident it will be lower when I have another test made. Also I am 87-years old and feeling better each day. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

UPDATE 5-15-01: I have been using the Poly-MVA now for about 10 months. My P.S.A. was at 13.6 and now it has stayed at 4 for the last 4 months. I am so pleased with the Poly-MVA as it enabled me to get out of bed and once again enjoy doing things with my wife. I am 87 years old, so I feel truly blessed for the energy that Poly-MVA has given me and for keeping my cancer in check.

UPDATE 4-01-02: The Poly-MVA is keeping my P.S.A. count at 3.5 and it has been this way now for over a year. I am on a maintenance dose which I take each day. I am 88 years old and am confident that the Poly-MVA has kept me feeling well enough to accompany my wife on her various errands and am able to socialize which I could not do before taking the Poly-MVA. I would recommend this product to anyone who has prostate cancer as I am sure it has kept me alive and has kept my cancer from spreading.

UPDATE February 5, 2004: Just to give you an update on my husbands cancer - He is still on a manintenance dose of Poly-MVA. It continues to help keep his cancer under control. His PSA is holding at 3.2 which is very good. He is now 90 years young and doing very well. Thanks so much for the Poly-MVA."

- G.A. and Ruth Chambers

"I followed my urologist’s recommendation to start taking Poly-MVA after he diagnosed 5% prostate cancer on April 5, 2006. I am convinced that the Poly-MVA (along with Avodart and other vitamins) are helping to fight the cancer. In March 2007 I am scheduled for another biopsy of the prostate. I feel great and have a positive outlook. I know there is always surgery, but I want to give myself a chance to fight it through other means. The next biopsy will the one that tips the scale one way or the other. I’m betting on the cancer reduction."

- David E. Terrill

"In 2003 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer PSA 4+. I was sent to the oncologist. He did a biopsy of the prostate. He determined there was cancer in the prostate. He decided to do chemo and radiation. I decided to wait. After that I tried Manro, their so-called remedy. Nothing worked to relieve the pain in the prostate. Then I found Poly-MVA on the internet. That was a God-send. After taking Poly-MVA (four doses, four times a day), the pain was gone. I went back to my regular doctor and we ran blood tests. He told me the PSA was 2. He also told me I had no cancer. I am still on Poly-MVA at two doses per day and still take the 4 corners twice a day. At the end of the second year I probably will reduce the daily dose to once a day. I AM STILL PAIN FREE."

- Ralph Ballagh

"I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August 2004 and treated with precise radiation (39 treatments) November/December thru January 05. I was told the cancer was gone. Yes it was gone, gone to my bones, hips, rib cage, shoulders and pelvis. The pelvis and hips were especially painful. I tried most everything I could find but the cancers progressed. Finally in December 06 I heard about Poly-MVA and I placed an order. I’ve been taking Poly-MVA daily since late December '06 and my last bone scan in March of '07 showed a diminishing in some of the cancers. I’m still not well but feel my next can in August '07 will show even more progress. I want to express my thanks to Amarc and Poly-MVA. I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so. Thank you very much.

- Dale M. Ross

"I was diagnosed with possible prostate cancer on Nov 15, 2005. At this time I was referred to a urologist to verify my condition. He said that with my PSA level of about 73 and the results of a DRE that I probably had cancer and wanted to do a biopsy of my prostate. This was scheduled for the following Friday evening. I went home and started searching the internet for information and I decided not to have a biopsy and called and canceled the appointment. At about the same time I contacted CTC of America at Zion, IL. I was scheduled for an appointment on Jan 26, 2006. During my research of the internet I found several integrative approaches that I decided could be of value in the future, one of which was Poly-MVA.

Before I had my appointment with CTCA, my family doctor asked me to have a bone scan to see if the cancer had spread or not. I had this done and found that the stuff had spread to my back and the ribs on the right side. When I went to CTCA for my evaluation on Jan 26, 2006 a CT scan that was done revealed a large tumor growing in my mid back. I was scheduled for an operation to remove this Feb 13, 2006. When this was removed it was found to have been involved in 2 vertebrae on the right side of my spine and nearly growing into my spinal cord. The tumor was removed, parts of two vertebrae replaced and two titnium rods placed bridging my thorasic spinal section. These are held in place by six screws on the left rod and four on the right. I spent about 11 days in the hospital and was released for treatment to CTCA. I received fourteen radiation treatments over the next 5 weeks and was sent home with follow-up in one month. I was given casodex, avodart, and lupron for the prostate and zometa for the bones.

Over the next few months my PSA fell to somewhere under 2 but started to climb at the end of 2006. In May of 2007 the oncologist at CTCA wanted me to start taking ketoconozol and hydrocortizone to stop the production of testosterone by my adrenal glands. I decided not to do this because of possible liver damage that could occur. I decided to start the Poly- MVA complete approach. I started taking Poly-MVA on 7/7/07 with a PSA of about 23. The PSA readings rose steadily until it was 87.12 in January of 2008 at which time I finally gave in to the doctors' recommendation and started using ketoconozole and hydrocortisone.

Blood tests in February showed a decrease in PSA to 48.534. The March blood test showed a PSA of 36.27 but the ALT (SGPT) and AST (SGOT) had jumped out of normal range to 94 and 92 respectively. On 4/12/08 I started Standard Process phyto-nutrient / proto-morphogen protocol to enhance my immune system for cancer treatment because of the very high levels in the liver. In April, the ALT & AST had dropped to 76 and 46 respectively also the PSA was down to 24.99.

Since that time the PSA has ranged from about 18 to 22 and the ALT and AST have returned to normal range. I have reduced my use of Poly-MVA to a low maintenance dose for the last year and continue the Poly-MVA as part of my self-administered approach. All during the time I have had cancer I have been taking supplements recommended by the naturopathic doctors at CTCA. I have had no side effects of any sort from Poly-MVA and feel that it has helped me to keep my system strong enough to keep the cancer in check. Thanks to all the folks with Poly-MVA that have worked with me during my time of need. I look forward to a long relationship."

- Jack M Kelley

“My wife has relied on Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s advice and recommended supplements for many years, and had read about Poly-MVA in one of Dr. Sinatra’s publications prior to my diagnosis of prostate cancer in June 2009. My cancer is at a “watchful waiting” level and we decided that the Poly-MVA and other supplements would be extremely important, especially because of Dr. Sinatra’s high praise. Having always been blessed with a high energy metabolism, I did not notice a change. Now, reflecting back over the year, I realize that the Poly-MVA was most likely the reason that my high energy and overall feeling of well-being never changed, for which I am most grateful. My PSA (done recently) was up one point from the previous test, but of no great concern to my physician. I will continue using the Poly-MVA as long as I can.”

- W.B.

"I had prostate cancer since 2000. I had my prostate surgery and My PSA was 24. Doctor scared us and said the only answer was surgery and radiation. I was put on a Lupron shot every 4 months and had lots of experience medicine, not chemo. It has never gotten down to normal. In 2004 I went to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and there I found out I had a walnut-size tumor in the prostate. We left there knowing we were going to see an integrative or holistic doctor in MN. This is when we found out about Poly-MVA. What a miracle! Immediately I went on 1 tsp twice a day. A month later, I had a scan and the tumor was gone. It had to be due to the support of my body by the Poly-MVA as I had taken nothing new. I have never taken chemoand will never take it. From a friend we heard about the Poly-MVA Quality of Life Study. What a friend! I was accepted and have followed the instructions, with other supplements. I had just found out on a lung scan, I had spheres (cancer) on my lungs. I had started 1 tsp 4 times a day every 6 hours. A little later on scan they were gone. My PSA is not perfect, but under control. I will never go without Poly-MVA as I know it helped saved my life. My wife and I tell everyone about it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

- H.L.

"I have prostate cancer. I have now been taking Poly-MVA for well over a year. Initially I took 2 ounces, 4 times a day. Then for a time I took 2 ounces, 2 times a day. Recently I have been taking 2 ounces, 3 times a day. Just before I started, my urologist recommended immediate surgery (radical prostatectomy), or immediate radiation. I elected to do neither, and found a doc who suggested several other options. Among those options was an integrative approach including Poly-MVA. I am now almost two years downstream from my initial diagnosis. Six weeks ago I had my tumors measured the third time, and I was told they show no detectable growth. In April will have them measured again and expect they will show shrinkage. It is not easy and I get tired many times through this process. I have avoided surgery and radiation, and so I will soldier on taking Poly-MVA. I have also had periodic infusions of Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid. And I have taken other supplements, some targeted to immune system support, and some as “janitors,” cleaning up the cancer cells. I have also substantially changes my food plan, eating now lots of raw food, no meat, little dairy, no sugar, no coffee, and little flour. My pH now tests consistently alkaline. I credit Poly-MVA with helping with my well-being, along with the other approaches I have been following. I consider each to be essential."

- D.P.

"Recommended by Dr. Forsythe, I have been taking Poly-MVA since Dec 2009 as part of his protocol to help my body fight prostate cancer. This is in addition to other supplements including Pectin, Resveratrol and vitamin D3. Dr. Forsythe also provides his unique daily supplement assortment pk6 of prostate support items. I have been in a stable remission for nearly two years and know Poly-MVA has made a significant contribution to my success. I feel great, exercise daily, and now 'share' the Poly-MVA with my wife."

- David Maslow

"I believe that the first Poly-MVA dosage was started by me during the spring of ’08. Since then I have taken it during 3 time periods lasting 3 to 6 months each. The initial period was for 6 months during which I took 4 tsp/day another time period was for 3 or 4 months during which I took between 4 and 8 tsp/Day. The last one was as part of the Poly-MVA Quality of Life Study when I took 8 tsp./day for 4 months last fall and then a couple of months sporadically taking 1 or two tsp./day. It was apparent right from the beginning that I felt noticeably stronger, had more endurance and my bones didn’t creak as much. Initially, I believe it was about 5 days into taking the product when I happened to do a deep squat and got up again and my knees didn’t crack! That hadn’t happened like that in 30 years! I tried it a few more disbelieving times just to check. It was real. I gradually regained my vigor and my PSA actually started to reverse. I ran out of money and with no regular poly my PSA shot up and rose to 32 at its peak. I took up the Poly-MVA but even though I felt great my PSA was uncontrollable at that point. I read about testosterone blockers during my research and went to a mainstream doctor for advice. He put me on the present regimen of Trelstar Bicalutamide and Avodart. This has put the PSA in an acceptable range but as we all know, the cells are still alive ---just not reproducing. Taking (and paying) for these drugs has put the Poly-MVA financially out of reach. Since I have not been able to take the Poly-MVA, I have had the flu twice and I don’t feel as well or have anywhere near the energy as when I was taking Poly. I will be able to buy more very soon as I have started a new job and another job is slated to begin mid May. This story is not over."

- John Douglas

"I had prostate cancer diagnosed three years ago in 2010. My doctor, Dr. Wallace, had recommended that I take Poly-MVA. I started using 1tsp daily in 2010. My experience has been really good. Since I started using Poly-MVA, my PSA has been stable. I have less issues urinating. I make less visits to go urinate. I am able sleep through the night without having to get up and urinate."

- Lugene Reed