Squamous Cell Carcinoma Stories

"In June of 2004, my wife was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and had a modified radical neck dissection. She found her way to Reno, NV, and Dr. James Forsythe, MD. He suggested that she start on Poly-MVA; she used it for about two years. She has quarterly checkups with her surgeon and is in good health. In November of 2007, I ended up in emergency spinal surgery for what turned out to be Stage 4 prostate cancer and had a large tumor removed from my lower spine. I came home in a wheelchair and was using a walker. I really did not know if I would get any better. Like my wife, I also went to Reno and Dr. Forsythe started me on Poly-MVA and salicinium. Well, it is now October 2008 and so far so good. I am getting around and feel better and stronger."

- Gary and Elma Thomas

"I was diagnosed with head and neck squamous cell cancer in June 2003. Had surgery in August 2003 to remove the tumors. Tumor reappeared within one year. Doctor suggested a radical neck dissection, chemotherapy and radiation. After long praying, decided not to do any further surgery or chemotherapy and radiation. Decided to go homeopathic with diet and supplements. Condition slowly worsened. Heard about Poly-MVA in 2004 but didn’t take action. In March 2006 condition worsened radically. Decided to start Poly-MVA on March 18, 2006. At the writing of this story, have been on Poly-MVA for one year and condition has improved. Saw doctor the end of November 2006 and he was amazed with the progress of my condition. When first diagnosed they told me without surgery and treatment I would not be here in two years. This June will be four years and I’m very healthy and active at this time. Thanks to prayer, God and Poly-MVA. I hope to be here many more years."

- Gene Anderson

"I started using Poly-MVA because I had cancer, diagnosed in the summer of 2011 with locally advanced basal cell carcinoma. I started using Poly-MVA in the fall of 2011, using 4 tsps 4 times a day. I changed dosage as expense was too much but wanted to use Poly-MVA. While using Poly-MVA I tried everything there is via supplements to help with cancer. IP6, cats claw, medicinal mushrooms , AHCC, tinctures with multiple herbs, etc. Poly-MVA helped with energy and quality of life."

- Connie Frischholz